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  1. The bandstand in Oak Hill Park has been closed for five years due to fire damage caused by vandals.

    The council pledged to rebuild it, but recently a minority group of nimbies calling themselves the "Friends of Oak Hill Park" has asked the council not to rebuild the bandstand because they say it will attract hooligans - here is a link to a recent article:

    Please show support to the rebuilding of the bandstand - once a focal point for the community and a fantastic open space venue.

    Please sign our petition at :

    This petition will be presented to the local council in a bid to see the bandstand rebuilt for future generations to enjoy.

    Please spread the word.

    The Real Friends of Oak Hill Park

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  2. postie

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    Good luck with it hope the council will listen to you!!!!
  3. Will the Sec

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    I wonder who appointed the "Friends" as spokespersons for the whole community? I always thought that the local council, who have backed the initiative were the people who made decisions about parks.

    Of course, were the "Friends" what seem to think they are, they would back the bandstand, and make a fight against vandalism, not music.
  4. tpcornet12

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    I live in Denton that has its fair share of thugs - but the park and bandstand seem to escape unwanted attention from vandals. In my opinion, vandals go for things that aren't looked after and therefore a refurb can often help IMHO - I'm no social scientist though.

    Perhaps your council could learn from Tameside Council's experience...
  5. Bungle

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  6. Accrington Oak Hill Park Bandstand - Thanks for your support

    Thank you all for your support, the online petition is now over 100 signatures.

    We have a couple of paper petitions about, with those included we are well over the 200 mark.

    Although this is an on-going petition, it will be presented to the council this Thursday night in opposition to the "Friends of Oak Hill Park" campaign to not rebuild the bandstand.

    If you have not yet signed it, and support our campaign then please put your name down before Thursday. By the way - please DO NOT feel that there is any need to donate on the petition - it is not for the campaign - just the site that hosts the petition.

    Spread the word!

    Coming soon ... Live outdoor music in Accrington !

    Thanks again.
  7. needmorevodka

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    Good luck with the council, I hope they see sense.

    I've signed the petition and I hope you get a few more signatures too. In my view, it wouldn't matter if it was a bandstand or a bench, no good ever comes of rolling over and giving in to hooligans. The council need to address that problem too of course, but I don't think that removing all their targets is the answer. Vandals will not suddenly turn all nice and law-abiding simply because there is no bandstand to vandalise. What on earth can these "friends" be thinking?!
  8. Update

    To all who have supported this campaign, I have good news. A public vote at the area council meeting 01/11/2007 was massively in favour of reinstating the bandstand. This means the motion is carried, and the area council will make a recommendation to the cabinet that the bandstand be rebuilt.

    A number of positive points were put forward by a number of people, including:

    • The use of the bandstand by groups of musicians from the thriving local music scene. Also, the potential use of the bandstand by the (newly relocated) students of Performing Arts at Accrington and Rossendale college. And, not least the annual festivals which attract large numbers from across all the local communities.
    • The bandstand will be constructed with “security by design” and use of flame resistant materials. It was noted that the plans are already drawn up and should be made available for public viewing.
    • Some arguments regarding the purchase and use of a portable stage were dismissed due to various reasons primarily the fact that the insurance money would not be payable for a portable stage, and the practicalities of storing, transporting and erecting a non-permanent structure.
    • Several people stressed the importance of not giving in to the vandals, and that the minority element are just that – a minority. A number of people spoke highly of the younger people in the area and how the majority show a high level of respect for the park and what it stands for.
    • There was a clear public affinity with the bandstand and the park, and several people made the point that it should “just be there”, the park has always had the bandstand, and the fact that it has even come to debate seems unbelievable.
    It was suggested by a spokesperson of the “Friends of Oak Hill Park” that the points that we made in relation to Mr. Hindley were not really fair. So, just to clarify our position on this – we DO support the good work done by the Friends in maintaining the park and it’s facilities, but we could not accept their stance on the bandstand issue. The bandstand is a public facility, and it’s fate could not be the subject of a minority group decision.
    As it turned out, after hearing the publics' sentiments, a seemingly amicable ending was reached, with one of the Friends actually voting in favour of the reinstatement of the bandstand.

    Our campaign will continue until the bandstand is finally reinstated, the number of signatures online/paper is now over 200. Thanks again.
  9. WoodenFlugel

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    Sounds like common sense has prevailed. :clap:
  10. Cornet Nev.

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    I have only just seen this, it has not been of much prevalence in the local paper "The Lancashire Telegraph" Why not? The "Telegraph" are always open to news from the likes of us, as I have found as press officer for "Darwen Brass". After all we are in the next town, and I myself from Blackburn. I wish you the group pressing for the rebuild all the best, and hope the bandstand will be resurrected as soon as possible. After all it would be nice to be asked to play there some time soon.
  11. postie

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    Excellent news well done for all your hard work.

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