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    As a returning brass bander when I looked around for a band to join one of the factors for me was not practicing on a Friday as I like to relax at the end of the working week with a glass of wine or two. I noticed that a lot of bands practice is on a Friday. It got me wondering who decides when to practice and if this is solely down to the availability of rooms, is it cheaper? Would people be more likely to come along on others days? I'm not saying anything is wrong I'm just interested in others views.
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    Monday's and Fridays for us

    Spread apart with time to digest the previous rehearsal also we have our own band room with a bar for apres band relaxation
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    Just Tuesdays for the band I'm with now. The last two bands I've played for both practised twice a week (including Fridays). My experience so far in the 6 months I've been there is that practices are almost 100% attendance every week which I personally think maybe because it's only once a week.
  4. I tend to believe similar. I play in one band that has two practice evenings and attendance is becoming quite a concern. I suggested at the AGM that people might be thinking of the two practices per week as giving them a choice of evenings.
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    The choice of evening is, as far as I can see, historical and down to the commitments of the founding members and room availability. It depends on the band but a Friday evening rehearsal might be a way of relaxing at the end of the week for some, for other people Mondays are a typically a free evening whilst Friday evening is ‘lads’ night out’ or a time to travel (home from working away or away for the weekend).

    To me rehearsals once a week are best as they allow time to play elsewhere too (variety), follow other hobbies and honour commitments at home, etc. It’s a personal choice and it all depends where the balance point is for you at that point in your life.
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    ^ agreed - from membership of a couple of 'newer' bands I believe the original rehearsal nights were just chosen according to availability of key people and rehearsal venues, and it then became habit.
    Of the bands I've been in; 2 rehearse Mondays & Wednesdays, 2 Mondays & Thursdays, 1 Tuesday & Thursday, 2 Tuesday & Friday.

    3 of those have reduced to 1 a week at some point because of attendance issues. They all stopped contesting for at least a short while, and then struggled to re-introduce a regular 2nd rehearsal and get back into contesting. One of those had Fri rehearsals, but I really don't think days were a factor - it was more about what priority band members gave to rehearsals in light of other stuff going on in their lives and what they wanted out of their banding.

    Personally I always hated Friday rehearsals - I don't mind the odd extra one when there's a contest or big gig coming up, but generally the last thing I want to do when I get in at the end of a long week is go back out and concentrate for 2 hours!
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    We practise Mondays and Wednesdays, and historically always have done. We have our own band club ; during the weekends the main entertainment hall is used for live pop/rock bands who are booked by the club committee, the hall can be hired by the public on Friday nights, which means we could change rehearsal nights and practise on Tuesday or Thursdays if we wished, but we have found that the days we have worked well enough. Some of our players do have work or family commitments which means they can only attend once a week or alternate weeks, but we currently range between 23 - 27 in numbers at rehearsals.

    Plus the bar and lounge are open 7 days a week, so great for those all important social activities !!! :)
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    Thanks, good to hear other peoples views :)
  9. I notice that you are in Chesterfield. Bakewell Band just rehearses once a week on a Wednesday and it works out fine for us. Obviously for contests etc other rehearsals are scheduled in and the band understands that and works within those boundaries. We must be doing something right because it looks as though we are going to be promoted!!
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    Not playing anymore , I cannot help noticing that many bands have having cut down to once weekly ,find their players still dwindle , probably because they like staying in or doing other things. Next step ---extinction. I cannot give any solutions , but maybe enjoyment is the key , difficult when the concert diary is empty, what motive is there to rehearse?
    It is also obvious to me that the standards of band performance drop as a result.
    A far cry from the days when some bands used to rehearse 2 nights and Sunday morning, and works bands often more than that , particularly for contests or broadcasts. ( Here we go again - moaning as usual ) No it's not that ....I am genuinely concerned at the dwindling Band population -and consequently , standards.

    I invite meaningful suggestions to break the cycle .....and hopefully reverse the trend.

    At the same time , please give this a thought : where do all the young players go ?
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    We rehearse Friday early evening and Sunday morning. Attendance on Sunday was in excess of 35, so I'm not sure about extinction or maybe we are just very lucky. It certainly is a pleasure to turn up and see so many people willing to learn. I find its a great way to end the week and still have time for the occasional tipple after with some of the members of the band.
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    As I see it the society we live in today is very different to that of Mello’s youth. Essentially there are more ways in which to spend your leisure time and more demands on you as to how time away from work must be spent. Overall I think life has improved much since the sixties but there have been some casualties, including perhaps elements of banding.

    I’m a poor musician and not really able to comment on musical standards, in contrast read Mello’s profile. As to what happens to the young people well the most able half go to university and, unless they study music, they give up the habit for some years. After Uni they have to find a way forward for themselves and might well: not have a band to join, not have a place to practice in, have study to do after work, or have transport problems – in part that’s what happened to me.