Reaction to new Horn Trio!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Charmed, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Charmed

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    I have recently bought a new piece of music called 'Tenors in Triplicate', a Tenor Horn Trio. When I took it to try out at rehearsal I had a 'mixed' reaction to the piece. Some band members thought it was good and some did not like it at all. Has anyone out there played this with their band? If yes, how did it go down? Would also like to know of the reaction from the audience if you have played it out.
  2. I think its a lovely piece of music and I can't wait to hear it.:D
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    Isn't this the case with all music? Quite often, 100% of the time to be exact, a piece is introduced to the band, whether its a test piece, concert item, solo etc, the reactions are always mixed. Some people will take an instant dislike, others will keep an open mind & the rest will think its either ok or fab! The piece may even grow on some players.

    Even if only 50% of the band like it, still give it an airing at your next concert. Hopefully 50% or more of the audience will enjoy it. Then, if you can, ask some of the audience what their thoughts of the piece were.