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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by daveredhead, Mar 25, 2007.

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    Hi all, My seven year old Schilkie has all the silver plating coming off:eek: :eek: , all where my hands hold the cornet it is down to the Brass in places (think must be the fluxes in my hands from work --Plumber-- no matter how oft i wash) I was wondering if anybody out there, could recommend someone within driving distance of Banbury who would re-silver the cornet, Cos recommendations from tMP are priceless!! hope to hear from you :tup :tup
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    Thanks for info, have telephoned them but they not doing repairs anymore, due to the production of the Eclipse range, thanks again , will keep trying
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    I had a trumpet silver plated by Sharon McCallum based in Cranbrook, Kent - and she did an excellent job.
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    My geography is awful.... not exactly sure where Banbury is.... but mother had her horn replated by a chap in Manchester.... Ricky Mcqueen, post it off in a big box and you'll have it back within 10 days.... absolutely fantastic (2nd to none) service and gorgeous shiny silver horn as a bonus! Also same fantastic service when my darling Cornet needed a few repairs!

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