Re-lacquering Costs - how much?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by weuphl, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. weuphl

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    Help please!

    Was cleaning my new second-hand Courtois euph last night and had bought 'Rescue Wipes' from local supermarket to assist in the cleaning process. Advertised as being for 'fine metals' such as 'Gold, Silver, Brass, Pewter', 'non-abrasive' etc. (PM me for brand if you want so you can avoid them).

    These 'wonderful' wipes seem to have removed the lacquer from the bell though as it is now as non-shiny as a dull thing on a dull day in a dull room with the light out, feeling dull!. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!

    I have contacted the company to try and get them to discuss compensation etc but can anyone give me a rough idea of the costs of re-lacquering for a euph?
  2. Bryan_sop

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    Not sure about a euph but my Trumpet is at First Class brass at the moment being overhauled and re-laquered and they charge £250 + VAT. I did enquire at Fred Rhodes (Where I got the Trumpet) But they won't relaquer it, only silverplate.
  3. the company around here that actually do it (rather than the shops who take it off you and send it outside, then charge you a premium) are McQueens in north manchester. You'll find their number on

    A Bb/F trombone costs around £300 for overhaul and laquer
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    I've also had instruments overhauled by First Class Brass. As their name suggests, First Class Job.

    I would recommend them.
  5. weuphl

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    Thanks for the info. so far, I must admit my eyes are watering a tad at the thought of, 'if it's £250 + vat for a trumpet'.................. a euphonium? Gulp!!
  6. Bryan_sop

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    Can't wait to get mine back, had to have the leadpipe replaced too because of red-rot. It's taking a while because they're really busy at the moment but I knew that when I took it in :(
  7. JDH

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    Those wipes are for bare metal while your euph is lacquered - so there is nothing wrong with the wipes - they are just the wrong thing to use on an instrument.

    You now have the option of getting the remaining lacquer removed and then regularly polishing with Brasso or something similar, or get it relacquered which is pretty expensive.
  8. Di

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    I know this sounds like a daft question, but have you tried buffing it up with anything else since? Warm soapy water and a soft cloth? Its easy to get carried away when seeing what appears to be laquer/plating being ruined and fear the worst.
  9. Steve

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    Or get it stripped!! I know its a trick on troms and trumpets for the sound difference so I guess it would work on a euph too. Anyone got any ideas on the effect on sound if done on a Euph?

    It may be cheaper than re-laquering.
  10. trumpetmike

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    Another vote for taking it to First Class Brass - they are one of the very few firms that EVER get there hands on my instruments.
  11. weuphl

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    I did try and not panic immediately and did rinse it again and then tried a small area with some Goddards to see if that would lift the shine - no success unfortunately.
  12. weuphl

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    On reflection (ironic that!) I realise I have been a bit of a dunderheid (as we say up here) I will await results.........