RCB 125th Anniversary Reunion.

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    To celebrate the 125th Anniversary of Rochdale Citadel Band, Our anniversay weekend will include a Band Reunion.

    Any and all former members of Rochdale Citadel Band (whether still in the SA or not) are welcome to come along.

    This is taking place the weekend of the 29th of October 2011.

    It is intended to send out letters of invitation to those ex-bandsmen that the coros has, or can get details for. But if you are an ex-member, and want to come and renew old friendships (and maybe form some new ones), then please get in touch.

    You are welcome to send me a personal message which I will try to forward on; or alternatively get in touch with the corps directly; or make contact via the Facebook RCD group.


    RCB :
    The Salvation Army
    Rochdale Citadel
    OL16 1AW
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