Ray Steadman- Allen O.F.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by choirmaster, Jun 14, 2005.

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    I have heared a whisper that Ray Steadman- Allen was given the order of the founder last weekend. I'd like to give him my congratulations on being awarded such an accolade. The man has done so much for S.A. music and it's spiritual impact, that it's been criminal that he wasn't given it 20 years previous. Was it's delay punishment for his time out in the '60s?:wink: Never mind, better late than never.
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    I assume that the Order Of The Founder is one of the SA's highest gongs that can be awarded? Well done to RSA and yes, it's a shame he wasn't recognised much earlier for his efforts. Another news scoop for tMP?
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    About time too !! His music has been of a consistently high standard , as heard on the recent YBS recording. For non SA types the Order of the Founder is the army's highest decoration.

    as for time out in the 60's , thats news to me and I thought I was pretty clued up on SA composers. Am happy to be corrected , or are you possibly confusing RSA with Eric Ball or Eric Leidzen ?
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    When he was called forward he received a standing ovation with the vast majority of those in the Albert Hall on their feet, and it was some time before they were able to quieten the applause to continue with the proceedings. I think the range of his contributions to SA music speaks for itself, as there is something there for everybody, from the simple hymn tune through to the more challenging major works. He's also such an approachable person, and has been a great encouragement to others down the years.
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    He did take a short time out may years ago, during which time he was editor for Wright & Round. It was caused when the SA made the poorly-judged decision to appointment him National Bandmaster (answerable to Dean Goffin). But he returned as an officer to the International Music editorial Dept., where his gifts were well recognised. He later became head of that dept.