Raunds are in the money!

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    Raunds Temps are delighted to announce that after months of hard work by our admin secretary we have been granted £4,000 by Raunds Co-op. :clap:

    An application was put to them after it was announced that the Co-op were making donations to worthy causes that have been an integral part of the community in Raunds.

    Raunds are self supporting and the money will be spent on percussion (especially for next years areas!!) and also a set of mutes (also needed for next years areas!!!) and other necessaties needed.

    This is great news indeed as were are in the proceeds of doing a big recruiting campaign having lost a few players to Uni and several vacancies in front row cornets and basses.

    If anyone is interested or would like more information please contact Lynda 07798-941870 or e-mail lynda@pro-digital.co.uk
  2. Excellent news..... congratulations.

    That will cover my depping fees up till 2397
  3. honey bun

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    Ha! Joker ;)
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    Damn that drive is just too far!!!!

    Can thouroughly reccomend (spelling?) a really nice bunch of guys (and gals) - if only they could sort ot the A43!