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    I am the proud owner of a second hand Rath R9 with independent Hagmann Valves.

    The instrument is a little "used" ie. some dints on the bell (one rather deep) and some serious lacquer wear in the usual spots. The slide is a little sticky at the 6th/7th position and the valves (although better than my former rotary valves) probably need a service.

    I am considering an overhaul to bring the bone to as close to its original condition as possible and have obtained a rough quote from Rath based on several photos. I am aware of McQueens in Manchester who have also have a good reputation in the reconditioning market and wondered whether anyone had any further suggestions as to who could undertake this work based on personal experience.

    Further the bone was delivered in an under-sized case (shoe-horned in !!!) and although I have bought a pro-tec gig bag I don't consider this adequate protection. Does anyone have an idea as to which hard cases actually accommodate the instrument and what these cases may actually cost.

    Thank you in anticipation.
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    I'm sure some will advocate going back to Mick Rath as it's one of his trombones, however I would recommend Alistair Hanson of Hanson Musical Instruments in Marsden.

    He did a great job repairing my Duo Gravis after a Whit Friday mishap last year.

    Quoted less than Rath too...
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    Mick Rath totally rebuilt my R9 after a Grand Shield mishap a couple of years ago. He will be expensive but the quality of work is second to none. The only downside will be the temptation to try out some of the many upgrades they have on offer!
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    I would also be interested to know what cases one will fit in...
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    Mine is in a Pro tec hard case - it fits a 10 inch bell - or a 9.5 - I have seen them on ebay at about £250.
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    I haven't had the pleasure of a Rath but would recommend a BAM classic bass trombone case, both my Holton TR181 and my present Yamaha 613H (open and closed wraps) fit in no problem. Also there are no velcro straps involved, the case holds the trombone in place. I got mine from Alan Gregory in Manchester....the only down side was I had to wait for it to be made and delivered from Paris....but it was well worth the wait. They are on the Alan Gregory website for £193.02. http://www.alangregory.co.uk/musicshop/BAM_3032S_Classic_Trombone_Case.html
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    My understanding is that due to the design of the unique screw fitting (bell to slide) the only case you can get it to fit in 'properly' is the Eastman Fibre glass case. Well, this is what i was told when i picked mine up last year. Always amazes me that you spend £4k on an instrument and a) it doesnt have a case, and b) you have to buy one on top of the price! I think Schilke trumpets are the same, they def used to not provide a case! The case in itself is pretty good, although i would say from a cosmetic point of view, dont get the black one, just from general transportation from car to bandroom etc its got scratches and marks all over just from general wear. Looks pretty battered already even tho the case is actually in good condition. A friend of mine has the silver case and it doesnt show the marks/scratches anywhere near as badly.

    Good person to have a look at your bone is Justin Pavey down near Bristol. He's done loads of work for me over the years and is well known and respected in the south west area for his expertise especially in the trombone area - http://brasswindfix.co.uk/
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    Thank you for your replies.

    I will probably go for the silver Eastman case as suggested as it looks more sturdy than the others but on the downside doesn't have much in the way of extra storage for all those necessary oils lotions and potions!!

    I am currently enjoying a weekend of practice and workshops with some of Fodens finest, thank you guys!!