Rath R9 bass trombone for sale

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    Hi folks
    After much consideration I've decided to sell my pride and joy. I've worked for Rath trombones for nearly 5 years now and not long after I started I bought my own R9.
    However for the last 3-4 years I have mainly played percussion so I can no longer justify keeping 'my baby'. Rath's are meant to be played and this instrument has spent most of its life in our showroom. Here's the spec:

    Hybrid 10" nickel silver/yellow brass bell, bronze slide, yellow brass tuning slide, independent valve with heavy caps. Brushed lacquer finish. Has recently been relacquered to as new condition.

    There is no other Rath trombone with a bell of this specification (I checked with Mick) and as far as we are aware Shires and Edwards have never made a Nickel and Yellow brass bell either so it is unique.

    The instrument is fantastic for brass band which is what I originally set it up for. Mark Frost tried it and said that it worked really well and that he could happily use it on the shows in the West End.

    I've included a few pictures on this thread for you to have a look at, but they don't really do justice to just how great it looks.

    This instrument new would cost over £3500, I am asking £2495.

    If you are interested please call Rath trombones on 01484 660555 and ask to speak to Chris or Tim.


    Tim Sidwell

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    Hello again,
    I'm pleased to report that the trombone has a new home, thanks to all who enquired and best regards to Jane, I hope you enjoyed the workshop tour.

    Thanks again
    Tim Sidwell
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    Hi Tim,

    Well worth the nine and a half hours driving!!!! Thanks for the tour. It was fascinating to see what you guys do up at the factory. I can highly recommend the tour.

    Thanks again