Rath 'R4F' Tenor Trombone For Sale

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    Hi everyone

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    [TD]I am selling my Rath R4F Tenor Trombone, as my playing has tailed off in the last few years and this is too good an instrument to go to waste!

    I am using eBay - and it is open for bids or buy it now at £1500. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281248663129?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

    The tone is incredible, and I have taken extremely good care of it as you can see from the pictures - it's roughly about 5 years old. The serial number is R4 393, and this trombone is in near-perfect condition. From several close inspections I see no scratches or dents whatsoever.

    This trombone is a Bb/F Tenor with an F valve section including a very classy Hagmann valve. Bore is 0.547", and bell flare is 8.5".

    The trombone is yellow brass throughout.

    I am including all the peripheral bits I have, which include:

    • Vincent Bach 5G Mouthpiece
    • Denis Wick Black Practice mute
    • Various rotar oils, slide oils, grease (please see pics)
    • A Qwik Tune tuner
    • A cloth

    This also comes with a 'GIG' case which accommodates the trombone and all peripherals, and is well suited to a gigging trombonist. Please note some of the tags on the zips have come off, but the zips themselves still work.

    This is an extremely good instrument - I have never met a Rath owner, including myself, who has not adored their instrument. I would recommend this for any professional or semi-professional player, although this trombone could work for anyone.

    I am happy to arrange shipping worldwide, collection in South London, and any viewings. If you have the ability to get to South London I highly recommend coming to have a look!

    Any questions please ask, I love this trombone, and hopefully it will be going to a good new home!

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    Hi Rob
    I've looked on ebay and there is no Buy it Now price.
    How do you want to deal with this at your asking price of £1500?