Raspberries and Roses

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Will the Sec, Mar 24, 2005.

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    Raspberries to:

    • The crane driver who caused Victoria Street and surrounding roads to be shut at around 12.30.
    • The driver of the car that caused the crash at Earl's Court that created gridlock around the area at the same time, though I hope no-one was hurt.
    • The white van driver who (a) ignore a yellow box junction at Wandsworth (b) stalled his vehicle inches in front me (c) gave me a single finger salute when I glared at him (I don't think he played in the third section at Stevenage, and didn't like my comments, but you never know) and (d) then couldn't re-start his van.
    • To all the car drivers close to this incident who would not let me reverse, or let me out.
    • The people responsible for two sets of traffic lights being out of order in Mortlake adding around 15 minutes to my journey.
    ...all of whom played a part in it taking me two hours and 5 minutes to get from St James's Park to Mortlake Crematorium and end up being late for my friend Jon's funeral.

    Roses to:

    • LBB who came along to help out because I asked him to
    • The chauffer driver of the Rolls Royce who did let me out at Wandsworth
    • The people who took the time to seek us out to say thank you for playing
    • The two readers who summed up Jon brilliantly, one by reading one of Jon's poems, and one by reciting a poem he wrote on hearing of Jon's death.
    • A certain member of Fulham Band without whom I'd have struggled to get through the day and drive home safely.
    Jon Smith was a fun guy, and I like to think he'd have ribbed me about being late. I went to 2 of his famous parties in Richmond, and I suffered appaling traffic on both occasions, to be genially ribbed by him.

    Rest in peace, Jon. The world is less of a place without you.
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    What a absolutely wonderful sentiment, it brought a tear to my eye. He must have been a special person.

    Night, God bless.