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    I'm currently working on a few projects regarding our major contests and the first is the Nationals including the Area contests.

    I need info on any recordings made in the past of the championships.

    I have details of the offical LP/CD recordings made for general public release from 1967 and the details of the official 78 releases noted in Frank Andrews excellent book.

    What I'm looking for is details of those performances recorded by companies such as Jamco, Grimes, Contest Brass etc. during the contests and/or concerts. This is for any area or section connected to the Nationals and the Finals itself.

    I'm also looking for details of radio broadcasts made. I have details from 1983, except 1985, but earlier would be useful.

    At the moment I'm not looking for unofficial home recordings (e.g. I know of a Dyke/Sinfonietta/Albert Hall tape from 76 doing the rounds) but may come back to them in the future.

    Details of the band/conductor/soloist and pieces recorded as well as if the recording still exists anywhere would be helpful but in short anything would be useful.

    Cheers everybody!
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    hagghh! - wish I could remember the name - not one of the ones you've already mentioned - they used to record all the performances at the National Finals, the Open/Grand Shield - and even things like the "Wills" finals at the RAH around 1970 - I know where there are copies of some of these performances by Thoresby (I was playing but was in the short-trouser brigade - so I can't remember much) These are the 33rmp LP's that you had to order on the day - I think they were a fiver (1970 money.. big money!) - I'll try to look it up for you -I think it may have been a company called "Midland Sound Recordings" - as I say, I'm sure some other people will have a clearer recall of this.. best of luck with it - and if if you get as far as self made cassette tapes (Here we go with the copyright doodah again) - I've got hundreds! -
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    Didn't "Heavyweight records" - or something similar - do a few?