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    After a challenging few months of uncertainty Ransome Brass Band are delighted to announce that Simon Kerwin has taken over as musical director. This heralds a new era for the band after a period of dwindling members. The band has already made a few new signings as well as attracting former members.

    Simon Kerwin brings with him a wealth of experience that has seen him live in Norway, Scotland and New Zealand as composer, conductor and tuba soloist. Simon said of his appointment, ā€œ I am ecstatic that Ransomes have got over a very turbulent time and that the dedicated core of players have been vociferous in keeping the band together. Iā€™m looking forward to guiding the band back to the contest platform and reclaiming their position as one of the best bands in the country.ā€

    The band is building their engagement calendar and is celebrating their 70th anniversary this year. It is hoped that the band will go on tour next year.
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    All the best for the band as they have been through testing times but it's a bit early to be announcing a resurgence I think. A good start made with the appointment of Simon I agree but let's not run before we can walk. It's players that make the band surely.

    Good look to the band for the future!!!! :clap:
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    Thanks for the messages.

    The last thing I want to get into is a tit for tat argument. But (;) ) the word resurgence means :

    resurgence, revitalization, revitalisation, revivification
    bringing again into activity and prominence

    I have been down myself to Ransomes several times to play and there are in fact a core of dedicated players there and that's why they are looking to move on. I think that with a recruitment drive and planning an overseas tour together with the setting up of a youth training program would qualify as a resurgence.

    As a brass band player who has (like everyone else) seen so many brass bands disappear I personally think that this is a wonderful piece of news that they haven't thrown in the towel.

    Thanks again.

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  5. SuperMosh

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    You can't please everyone. People moan when bands fold, people moan when bands appear to be unfolding.
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    When I played for Nottingham City Transport, Ransomes were one of the bands we wanted to beat; they were a quality outfit and I hope to see them back near the top again. Over the years I've seen a few bands that I enjoyed a "local rivalry" with disappear - Point of Ayr, William Davis, Rhodian Brass - and NCT themselves are sadly no more. I'd hate to see any more go.

    Good luck to Ransomes and I hope to hear more about their resurgance soon.
  7. smaca

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    Very positive news, very positive appointment and very positive future.

    Good luck to all invloved, and great to hear there is some energy and enthusiasm in building a famous band again.:clap:

    As for the negative comments, yesterday's history tomorrows a mystery.;)


    With regards to the words positive and negative in my comments, the positives win 3-1
  8. weenie

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    Best of luck for the future to all at Ransomes. (and hello to Jim & Tanya....may see you at Pontins??)
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    Great news. We cannot afford as a movement to lose any more bands. Best wishes to all at Ransomes. Be positive and learn from past experiences.


    Best of luck to all those at Ransomes - good to see a band's resurgance as opposed to demise!!
  11. tpcornet12

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    Good luck Ransomes - it's always good to hear when a band finds new impetus. Its also good to hear the guy in the middle speaking so positively and is obviously very passionate about his new role.
  12. agentorange

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    Great appointent, congratulations and good luck for the future.
  13. Fendall

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    Simon, all the best with the new project, we will be watching (as always) with interest from afar.

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