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  1. brassfanatic

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    St. George's Brass Band, Dublin, Ireland currently have the following instruments for sale, at shown prices.


    All instruments are in perfect working order and very good condition, with cases and mouthpieces. Some may suit beginner players.

    We are open to buyers from Ireland and around the world; worldwide shipping is available and this will be priced upon correspondence. It shouldn't be very expensive - particularly to the UK and Europe. Finally, some of the prices beat those offered on eBay!

    Thank you.

    Below is a list of surplus instruments for sale. All are very playable and come with rigid case.
    Contact Neville on info@stgeorgesbrassband.ie / telephone 01 8473111 for more details.

    1 x Bb 3V Compensating "Imperial" Euphonium (Frosted Silver) / €300
    1 x G Bass Trombone "Imperial" (Frosted Silver) / €150
    1 x B/F "Stratford" Trombone (Brass) / €150
    1 x Eb "Besson 700" (Formerly Imperial Range) Tenor Horn (Bright Silver) / €250
    1 x Eb "Besson 700" (Formerly Imperial Range) Tenor Horn (Bright Silver) / €250
    1 x Eb "Besson 700" (Formerly Imperial Range) Tenor Horn (Bright Silver) / €250
    1 x Eb Besson "New Standard" Tenor Horn (Frosted Silver) / €200
    1 x Bb "Imperial" Flugal Horn (Frosted Silver) / €200
    1 x Bb "Lafluer" Flugal Horn (Brass) / €100
    1 x Eb "Imperial" Soprano Cornet (Frosted Silver) / €150
    1 x Bb "New Standard" Cornet (Frosted Silver) / €150
    1 x Bb "Westminster" Cornet (Frosted Silver) / €100
    1 x Bb "Class A" Cornet (Frosted Silver) / €50
    1 x Bb "Lafluer" Cornet (Brass) / €50
    1 x Bass Gig Bag (For Bb Bass) / €50
    1 x Bass Drum & Stand (Marching Type) / €100
    Several Second Hand Instrument Cases (Price on Selection)

    All instruments are in good condition with very few dents (no major dents)
  2. Aussie Tuba

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    just a note the 700 series did not replace the Imperial Range. They are very different. if any thing the Sovreign range is closer to Imperial.
  3. Andrew Norman

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    Surely the 900 range replaced the Sovereign which came above the Imperial. In my memory the 700 series did replace the Imperial range.
  4. MoominDave

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    I think the honourable gentlemen from Bundamba has the truth of it... Firstly, the 900 range is the Sovereign range; later instruments were very clearly labelled with both identifiers. Secondly, the 700 range are student instruments, while the Imperials (all the way back from the 1970s to the 1920s) were pro-line instruments, and featured much of the same design as the Sovereigns.
  5. Andrew Norman

    Andrew Norman Active Member

    If I remember correctly the Soveriegn range was introduced as the top range and the Imperial range was kept going (below) and later replaced in price if not in quality by the 700.
    Was there ever an 800 range ? I believe the 600 or something replaced the Regents and 400 series was the imported range.
  6. jennyt125

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    To clear this up:
    Through the 1960/70's and into the early 1980's the Imperial and New Standard's were the professional range (compensating for the larger instruments), Regent and Westminster were the intermediate level instruments (non compensating).
    In the late 1970's the Sovereign range appeared which eventually replaced the Imperial/New Standard instruments. The Sovereign's were also given 900 series product numbers in the late 1980's such as 982 for EEb tuba, 967 for euphonium. The Westminster/Regent instruments were replaced by the International range which were given 700 series product numbers. These instruments are far from student and are good quality for any band/individual unable to afford a professional model. The student range was branded 600 series and lower again 400 series.
    There is however alot of overlap between the various change overs and I have seen a number of instruments 'incorrectly' branded where I presume an older bell flare may have been used etc. There are also some instruments dated around the 1980's which are basically the intermediate 700 series but engraved 'Imperial Besson' and tend to cause confusion! :)
  7. Aussie Tuba

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    in the larger instruments baritone and larger the 700 series are not a compensating instrument.
    Not sure what differences there are in tenor horns. But 700 series were a budget option certainly not to Imperial standard. As a Tuba Player I would rather play an old Compensating Imperial than go near a 700 series Tuba.
  8. Tubby

    Tubby Member

    To true matey
  9. towse1972

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    The 800 range was the medium bore sovereign wasn't it? I had an 827.
  10. Aussie Tuba

    Aussie Tuba Member

    Suffice to say 700 series are not close to the Imperial in Standard, Certainly not a repacement for the Imperial Range. and certainly not an equivalent model.
  11. towse1972

    towse1972 Active Member

    Or was it a 927?
  12. bobbyp

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    Werent the old globe sovereigns 600 models...?
  13. SMead

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    totally correct !