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  1. Hi,

    Thought i'd plug my friends website - i know him through banding and he is so funny..

    Check out this website n let me know whatyou think..
    If you know me then you will probably know Richard...
    It's very much linked to brass bands too.... have a read - im sure it'll make you smile!!!

    And in case you're wondering "Is this serious or is he just taking the micky?"
    I don't know!?! :)


  2. midwalesman

    midwalesman Member

    Seen the site and never a truer word is said in the diet coke of jest!
  3. With a comment like that i think you're the perfect candidate for a website like that yourself! :)

    MAybe i should pass him that quote on to use on his site! :)

    And, how educationally informative did u find it about banding?! :)

  4. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    Its a good site, but could be improved with one thing.....

    .....a link to tMP!!! ;) :p
  5. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    I've always said there was something not right about that lad! :tongue:
  6. midwalesman

    midwalesman Member

    Educationally informative!

    I sort of knew about the banding history of instruments through the more scholarly or soberly books of Dr Roy and my own studies on the psychology and sociology of banding. However I had a good chuckle at the jokes, which I had not heard in a while! Perhaps it could be possible to have more pictures though! Pictures are always an easy way to know more about banding in a quick lesson!

    What jokes would you enter on the site?
  7. I dunno any good jokes really. i do try and tell him some but he doesn't take mine on board- i am mentioned though! For putting my cornet in the freezer coz i like cool music.. i didn't think that was a joke though - doesn't everyone do that?? :)

    Oh and whayts the difference between pea soup and roast beef?
    You can roast beef but you can't pea soup! :)

    he he..
    i should do stand up - dont ya think??
  8. midwalesman

    midwalesman Member

    Stand up??

    I once knew a bloke who was told to put slide grease on his valves to make them go faster and he took it so seriously that he must have used half a tube on them. It took him so long to get the stuff off that he had to borrow a cornet for a rehearsal!

    Well, you better tell people that you're joking about the fridge thing or there will be someone who'll actually do it!

    As for the stand up, I'd certainly come and watch and listen to some musical jokes. I don't think I could do it personally, my jokes might be a bit blue!! :) Although the pea and soup joke is a bit naughty!
  9. I think i'd need more than one surporter if i was to do stand up!!! But thanks :)

    Saying that, as a teacher, i do stand up every day that i'm in school.. the kids thinking i'm a bit wierd but i make myself laugh..
    eg went on a school trip to look at a River and we were looking at pollution around like crisp packets and one of the lovely children noticed a metal head of a bed in the water - and saying that that shouldn't be there so it was pollution.. so i said.. yeah.. but it is the river bed!! :) he he.. they didn't laugh..!! so i backed it up with.. maybe its a water bed?!! still no laughs.. they're sucha tough audience!!!

  10. midwalesman

    midwalesman Member

    The water bed situation!

    Alternatively you could have said that the bed was there for the fish who get too tired to swim!!??!! Though they might have believed that....

    I've always thought that if you make one person laugh then it becomes a valid and worthwhile action, so in that sense one person can be enough sometimes!

    Sounds as if you make a great primary school teacher, I remember mine forced me to learn that damn recorder and memorize tunes and if we didn't we had to do it in our breaks and miss football! Very harsh I thought! I think the issue of pollution is a pretty good topic to teach them although how many will actually remember that when they're walking down the high street in their teens is debatable.

    Thankfully I'm training to teach uni students who could possibly end up being the easiest audience, although a mix between hungover and doped studees and professors could prove a difficult comic combination!

    I personally like the water bed joke, so can I be the first member of your stand-up club when it opens ;-)

  11. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    You'd have to join the queue behind us...the day she's sober long enough to actually stand up is one we all want to see! LOL.

    Sorry Claire, only joking, you'd make a really good clown..with the red nose and size 16 shoes you're half way there already!!

    sorry....must stop taking the mick...a-hem :roll: ...

    Love ya really Claire...you're the darling of our whole cornet section! ;)
  12. midwalesman

    midwalesman Member

    Standing up!

    I think every cornet section needs a clown! Just happens that I can't a serious one in ours and I dread to think of their approach with stand up material for the kids in a clowns' outfit? It reminds me of "It" the Stephen King film, very scary!

  13. "although a mix between hungover and doped studees and professors could prove a difficult comic combination!"

    I think you have your punch line right there!!! :)

    And 2ndman down! WATCH OUT!! I still haven't forgivn you for thinking i was on something when trying to find out who sang..

    "that's what i want"
    dum dum dum.
    "It's all i want"

    Fat lizards!! See i wasn't making it up...

    And, midwalesman, you said as long as i make one person laugh then thats ok.. does it count if its only me laughing... do i count as the one! !?! he he!
  14. midwalesman

    midwalesman Member

    the only one laughing!

    Well in certain circumstances I'd imagine that laughing at yourself may be a valid thing to do but could also be seen as being a bit insane lol However I'm sure the lyrics of the Fat Lizards' song might be a good beginning to the routine ;-)

    So what were you on when you were singing anyway?

    I'm curious to know, was it ale of harder stuff?? Like J20 !! lol ;-)

  15. Hariboo probably- it's the only thing that can get me through the day.. oh and lemsips at the mo! :)
  16. midwalesman

    midwalesman Member

    Lemsip madness!!

    Ever tried mixing Lemsip, blackcurrant flavour and Benylin original?? Wow...that would make anyone do a stand up for a while, although it does have a slight after taste and hangover qualities. I once took 2 satchets of lemsip and contemplated snorting it so that it got into the system quicker, but then I thought a massive intake of vicks inhaler would be better!

    Hope you get better soon though. Haven't had a cold as yet because band has been so busy with Brass in Concert and stuff, once we start playing Santaclaustraphobia I'm sure it'll kick in!

    Haribo...hmmm....reaching for the fizzy cola bottles on the table!! Haribo and the mass E numbers is definitely the way forward lol ;-) :)
  17. oh my god, i'm a school teacher. can't go mixing drugs!! Honestly!! :)
    I find lemsip strong enough as it is! :) teaching today half asleep! :)

    and haribo! yum! E numbers - yup = thats the point :) got to get to the kids level somehow... don't like the fizzy ones though.. they hurt! and make my eyes water :)

    I'm a wimp!
  18. midwalesman

    midwalesman Member

    Mixing drugs!!

    Well do they know you're taking Haribo? I hear they sack people for not liking coffee poppets these days! What kind of lemsip have you got, the full fat original or the own brand diet coke version? I know mixing is a bit daft but in your student days living in a house with no heating overdosing is the only option with a cold! lol ;-) Didn't think Lemsip made you drowsy though?? When I was in my 2nd year in uni I thought I'd just eat anything in sight and that would keep my energy up, sadly the fairy cakes in the oven were sprinkled, without my knowledge, with something stronger than fairy dust...certainly felt better going to band...sadly, the feeling didn't last and the music kept moving! Definitely better than lemsip....and haribo, but I wouldn't advise it. Perhaps that could be a story for the website ;-)
  19. Really?! no way did that happen.
    I lived with some boring people at uni...

    Halls were good though.. the guy below me always used to beon dodgy stuff n it used to come up and stick my room out!!

    I miss uni so much!!!!

    and haribo -the full fat original of course - otherwise its just not haribo!!! :)
  20. midwalesman

    midwalesman Member

    No way did that happen! lol It certainly did, the 12 hours sleeping eventually got rid of the cold....which was a bonus! My housemates have been far from being boring, a true mixed bag of people who associate through music....and beer but not so much haribo (sadly) Another comical moment happened in my first year when I went to a dentist. I needed a load of fillings and so had quite a bit of anaesthetic. When I left I said that I was going to a party and the dentist said nothing. However, when I went out that night I had 2 pints and started to feel unsteady, sadly I had three pints and passed out (to everyones amusement). I was put in bed by my mates and then I slept like a log...I woke the next morning, well...erm...with a lack of cover...lets say, and the cleaner knocking on the door. Before I could say, ....scream...."no". She was in and erm...yes...sadly I couldn't walk because the alcahol and anaesthetic weren't compatable so I fell backwards over the bed, barely covering the essentials! Very Embarrasing!!! Boy that was a typical student accident lol (not)

    Another of the humourous acts of Jones in Hudds uni!;-)

    I agree, anything other than Haribo is simply not "text book" as they say in band lol. Bity like diet coke, just doesn't feel like the real mccoy!! lmao :)
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