RAM Trombone Choir Concert, Regents Hall, London

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  1. Iain Maxwell

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    Royal Academy of Music Trombone Choir Concert

    The Royal Academy of Music Trombone Choir, and Director Bob Hughes, will present a free lunchtime concert.

    Date: Friday, October 14, 2005
    Time: 12:30 p.m.

    Regent Hall
    275 Oxford St.
    Cost: Free!!

    See you there!!
  2. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Going to show Bones Apart how it's done, eh :?: ;-) :lol:
  3. I've not seen Bones Apart ,but judging from their website they seem to be popular and of good quality.My Dad tought one of the players from tune a day book 1 to a pro.

    That would be Regent Hall Salvation Army Hall surely? I don't quite agree with this place in particular being regarded as just a small concert hall on Oxford Street. Just my own thoughts ,so put the guns away :biggrin:
  4. Marlon Bando

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    Yeah I agree, surely its a medium concert hall! ;)
    As you'll see from the official website, on the link below, the initial post is indeed correct:

  5. ;) I knew someone would be all smart like that lol
    I just think there should be more emphasis on it being a Salvation Army citadel hall , and not somewhere when any tom, dick or harry can hire out.
  6. Marlon Bando

    Marlon Bando New Member

    Sorry, couldnt resist! ;)

    The thing is- pretty much any 'tom, dick, or harry' CAN hire it out! And why not? It suits everyone- I dare say the Rinks reasons for hiring themselves out are manifold. Yeah, they make money out if it, they get publicity, etc. but prob more importantly to them they get the 'un-converted' into their church! Its a start!.....

    There is no hiding to anyone entering Regent Hall that its a church (and remember this is FAR more important than simply being an SA 'Citadel' Hall!!!!). Im sure Phil Wall used to say something loosely along the lines of 'getting them to come in' is the biggest hurdle to overcome when trying to reach unbelievers.

    Lets applaud them, they are using good business sense in a PRIME (if not THE best!) London location in terms of centrality..... what would the building be doing otherwise...... Id suggest that had they not taken the plunge of becoming an 'entertainment centre' (didnt William Booth use places like these....????) then Regent Hall would probably be a branch of 'Next' or 'McDonalds' by now!!!! And then the history would be gone!

    Next thing you'll be complaining about S.P.& S. selling their produce at events on Sundays!! ;)
  7. :) Good post.

    If I could get the day off I suppose i'd like to go and see YBS etc.. there so I suppose I can't complain ;) Was just interested to see other peoples views on an open view I had.