Rainford welcomes new faces.

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    The Rainford Band (St Helens) are pleased to announce two new signings as they prepare for the National Finals in Harrogate next month.

    We welcome Andy Booth on Eb Bass from Skelmersdale Prize Band. We also welcome Andy Eastwood who joins the Band sitting on the Horn section as a replacement for Olivia Samuel. Olivia will now take a short break from the Band whilst awaiting the arrival of her first Child. Andy joins from the Marsden Band over the Peninnes. Both are players of the highest calibre and MD Neil Samuel is looking forward to working closely with both players over the coming weeks.
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    Just wanted to pop by and say well done for being chosen to receive the parish council's charity donations this year. Brass bands are a huge and highly visual part of community culture (in a way that other musical organisations tend not to be) and it's good to see your band being rewarded in this way.

    Congrats on the new signings and all the best for Harrogate!

    Sue Grau
    Foss Dyke
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    Thanks Sue!
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    Enjoyed hearing you at the Saints game. Some tidy playing.