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  2. tubafran

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    Just received a separate email of the script for this which at first looked to be a spoof but can't argue with the video clip - is very funny. Has this ever been on tv?
  3. rightnowmusic

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    No idea if this ever went out on TV, but very funny nonetheless !! :D:D:D:D:D
  4. lynchie

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    I'm pretty sure that this never went out on TV. It was recorded for a laugh (yes... the actors DID get it...) and managed to find it's way to the internet... Still flamin funny though!
  5. Chuckles-tuba

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    One thing always confuses me about Rainbow (just the one??).

    How come Bungle used to walk around without any clothes on all day but put Pyjamas on when he went to bed?.


    Also did anyone else used to have a crush on Jane from Rod, Jane and Freddy?? (bearing in mind I was very young at the time!!)
  6. 2nd man down

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    Does anyone know what type of animal Zippy was supposed to be??

    I know, and it's probably not what you're expecting!!
    Whoever thought they'd make him look like that was definitely on something potent!!

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