rainbow- for the kids of my generation!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by six pints, Apr 29, 2004.

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  2. Euph-Bari

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    :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Was also alot of inuendo's on captain pugwash with the characters names , but might get modded if i say lol
  3. lynchie

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    a truly classic episode... just think, if the same writers were still around today there could have been so much to work on with Tinky-Winky!
  4. Darth_Tuba

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    Most of the alleged names of Captain Pugwash characters were a myth... I think the only one who might have been there was Roger the Cook (or Cabin Boy, can't remember which). Mr Staines and Mr Bates weren't actually present! Check the link:

  5. Gorgie boy

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    I've got a Rainbow related question to ask:

    Why did Bungle spend all day naked then put on his pyjamas to go to bed?

    Paul Drury
  6. maybe cos it gets cold at night?
  7. Dave Payn

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    I wish to answer this in alternative Nursery Rhyme form...

    Mary had a little bear
    To it she was so kind
    And everywhere that Mary went
    She had a bear behind......

    I posted this link on some time ago and eventually it was ascertained (much to my disappointment!) that this 'sketch' wasn't actually broadcast but done for a gag with some spare time they had for filming.

    Didn't Geoffrey Hayes end up as a taxi driver in Brighton, or something? Thought there was a documentary on TV a few years ago about what had happened to him.
  8. Cornishwomble

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    Is it any wonder our generation is the way it is!
  9. Cornishwomble

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    If you get the time to download the videoclip of the script do it! Its priceless, funniest thing I've seen in ages!
  10. lynchie

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    Did they ever find bungle's foot after it was stolen on "The Priory"???
  11. Rambo Chick

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    ah the good ol' twangers and maraccas episode!!!! tis hilarious!!!
    i am one of the 80s children and loved rainbow-so i guess its one of those great childrens programmes that adults can enjoy too!!
    bit like Captain Pugwash if im not mistaken..?? :lol:
  12. PeterBale

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    And, courtesy of "Dead Ringers", Zippy can frequently be seen entering Downing Street or the High Court :shock: :wink: :lol:
  13. Darth_Tuba

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    Please check my post above as regards Captain Pugwash. Do people really think that broadcasters are THAT stupid. Just shows everyone believes what they read in the papers and not what they actually remember. The creator of Captain Pugwash successfully sued two newspapers for suggesting character names with inuendo existed!
  14. Cornishwomble

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    For those of you desperate to find out what happened to Geoffrey and the inside story of the "twanging" episode (don't all rush forward at once!!), then click here

    or here for a reiview of his Edinburgh festival show!!


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