Raffle tickets and mail merge!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Jamie, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. Jamie

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    Am having some major difficulties with mail merge, and wondered if anyone could help? I want to produce a set of numbered raffle tickets for a christmas prize draw. The tickets have to be numbered twice, where the number appears once on the main body of the ticket, and once on the bit you tear off. A friend of mine has produced the ticket so that we can fit four on an A4 page, but I don't especially want to sit there altering the numbers on hundreds of tickets in order to print them. Is there a way to number them automatically, either with mail merge or another method?

    I can insert a field and merge to it, but setting up a data source with the numbers in it still involves me typing them if its a text field, but I can't get a numbered field to merge at all! I'm obviously doing somthing wrong.... anyone got any ideas??

    I'm on a bit of a tight timescale too, which is why I'm asking on tmp.... where else could I ask hundreds of people all at once?!?

    Thanks in advance... all help much appreciated!
  2. dyl

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  3. andywooler

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    Why not try doing it in excel instead and us a formula to increment the number - it'll be a huge spreadsheet by the time you've done it but it would be relatively quick - set up the first page and copy/paste
  4. dyl

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    What I'd try is have the data source ie. the numbers in an Excel spreadsheet - no need to type them all in, just the first few, then use the fill down function to save on typing the rest.
  5. MartinT

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    I don't know how to do this in MS Word. However, there is some information on how to do it using OpenOffice.org, which is a free, open-source office suite.

    OpenOffice.org can be downloaded from http://download.openoffice.org/2.0.4/index.html . The word processing element is called Writer.

    Info on how to achieve what you want can be found at http://www.oooforum.org/forum/viewtopic.phtml?p=139075 .

    It may seem a little excessive to download (and it's quite a big download) a complete office suite to achieve what you want, but it's free, it works, it's got good community support, it reads and writes MS document formats up to Office 2003, and it's not difficult for a MS Office user to get the hang of.
  6. Jamie

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    Hey Guys, thanks very much for your help... am now mail merging away!! The only difficulty I have now is getting the numbers right! We need each ticket to have a five digit number, so that the first ticket is numbered 00001. With four tickets to an A4 page, I need a spreadsheet (as a data source to merge from) that will give me every fourth number in that format. If I convert the cell type to text, it allows me to have the zeros before the number, but it then wont recognise the formula as a formula, and assumes that thats text too.... Any ideas on how to get a spreadsheet to give me 00001, 00005, 00009, 00013.... etc in that format, without me typing it?!

    Its probably really simple, but I've not used a spreadsheet and mailmerge since school!!

    Thanks again!!
  7. dyl

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    Right click over the cells. Select 'format cells', then 'custom', and in the 'type' box enter '00000' - voila!
  8. Jamie

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    Lovely job, thanks very much! The help function is worse than useless, and was getting desperate!Easy when you know how!

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