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    Just after some help/advice please. Been asked to put together a quintet for a 10-15 minute slot at a concert (in a church) and looking for music suggestions. I will have cornet, flugel, Eb horn, Euph and bass.

    - I would love to put a version of Bradnums' Irish Blessing together. Stunning intence piece, obviously most of it is written for 4 anyway, but not sure if bringing the cornet in half way would justify the piece.....anyone done this?
    - Seen a fantastic version of Indiana Jones - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCpj7kl7fUs , but cant find it anywhere to buy on sheet music.
    - Troyka, as it will be a Xmas light switch on
    - ANother

    I think a xmas, film, intense, one more would do the trick.

    This is my first venture into quintet so dont know the music that well, so all suggestions would be great.
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    there is lots of quintet music out there to fit all the themes you ask for, your problem might be that it is scored for 2 Bb trumpets, which will be fine, the horn part is usually in F, and the trombone and tuba parts are in bass clef in concert pitch, so you might have to do some transposing for your ensemble. look up baadsvik.com and BVD press
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    My quintet music at www.pdfbrass.com comes with alternative parts for Eb horn and TC Trombone/Bass parts.
    If you can't see what you'd like I may be able to provide it anyway.
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    June Emerson music in York is excellent for brass ensemble music.
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    I have several arrangements for brass band quintets, though they tend to be for 2 cornets rather than flugel. You can find them on my Score exchange home page.
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