Quietest Practice Mute?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by westoe_horn, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. westoe_horn

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    What it says on the tin really......

    Just after some advice as to what is the quietest practice mute on the market? I currently have a Bremner Shhhhh mute which I do like but can be a little loud in some situations.

    Due to my personal curcumstances at the moment I really need the quietest practice mute I can get my hands on and while I know that volume should not be the sole objective (resistance/effect on chops etc) at the moment it is 'quiet as possible' or no practice at all!

    I am a horn player but experience from anyone, whatever instrument, would be appreciated. I know there are a lot of alternatives on the market so was wondering whether anyone could recommend ones which seem readily available such as Wallace, Wick or McClean?

    Also if anyone has experience of Yamaha Silent Brass it would be useful to hear? From a quick search on here it appears that a trombone or flugel version may be compatible with tenor horn...?

    Anyway, any input would be appreciated.

  2. Andrew Norman

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    Silent Brass is excellent for Trumpet/Cornet - very quiet indeed.
  3. westoe_horn

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    Thanks for your reply Andrew. I wonder whether the Flugel one will do the job, I really might need to try before I buy though because they are not the cheapest pieces of kit, even when just buying the mute without all of the electronic wizardry to go with it. As long as it was a tight fit and no air escapes I cannot see it being a problem.
  4. DS2014

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    Air will escape, and, therefore, so will sound: if the air can't escape in some form then you won't get any resonance and anyway, you'll probably burst a blood-vessel trying to blow it. The Yamaha Silent Brass is expensive, but very good. You do need to get the kit with it to really get the benefits (listening to yourself and/or playing against a backing track). Whilst it is more resistant than having no mute in the instrument at all (some claim that their product provides no more resistance than the natural resistance of the instrument's tubing...but, logically, that has to be a lie), it is not notably more resistant. I have played around with alternately inserting and taking out the mute and the difference in resistance is not massive and the sound produced by the electronic kit is actually really very close to what you sound like with no mute in (you can even add reverb and sound better!).

    The other practice mute that I have experience of is the bog-standard DW practice mute: it is relatively cheap and is a good embouchure builder, I guess, but it offers way more resistance than the Yamaha silent brass and you have no idea what sound you're producing because sometimes it feels like you're trying blow and there's a rag wedged down your bell
  5. Cantonian

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    The Yamaha silent brass SB59 for trombone/bass trombone is what I have for a sovereign tenor horn. It is excellent and as it says on the tin is silent. It is great for practicing your fortissimo playing without upsetting family and neighbours.
  6. westoe_horn

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    Thanks for that it is really useful. I fully appreciate the fact that some air will escape I just want to minimise it without damaging or putting too much stress on the chops!!

    Interesting what you say about needing the full Silent Brass kit as I have heard conflicting opinions. I know the mute is available separately and some reports seem to say that is all you need and that the electronics/wires are just a faff. Obviously a 'thumbs up' from yourself though!
  7. westoe_horn

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    Thanks Mike, that is really useful. I have read various things (here and elsewhere) saying horn players are using the flugel, trombone and bass trombone versions! That seems a little conflicting as I don't really know how they can all fit satisfactorily. It might be a case of finding somewhere to try it but the trombone one obviously works for yourself so I will take the fit as gospel!

    Out of interest, do you use the whole kit or just the mute?

  8. Cantonian

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    I usually use the whole kit but sometimes just the mute
  9. westoe_horn

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    Champion! Thanks for that, it is really useful.