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  1. Hi my name is Forrest, and I am looking for a tuba. I was wondering whether I should get a C tuba or a BBb tuba. I need one that will keep me through college. I was also wondering what are some good brands. I know the Obvious ones like Miraphone and Besson, but was also wondering of any new ones.

  2. Thirteen Ball

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    Hi Forrest.

    It depends what you plan to do with it. What sort of ensemble will you be playing in? What particular qualities in a Tuba are you looking for?

    I'm sure a few folk on here will be able to help if you can elaborate a bit. ;)
  3. Right now, I play in my high school's concert and pep band. I want a tuba that will hold me through college. So right now, I'm looking at some C tubas. As for sound quality, I like the dark, warm, envoloping sound. Right now, I play a Yamaha YBB BBb tuba.
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    Hi Forrest, I've moved your thread into the Rehearsal Room forum as I think more people will see it there, and that is the normal place for discussions about instruments.

    As far as I know, the C tuba is the instrument of choice for many in America, whereas the EEb tends to be more popular over here in the UK. There are certainly some good C tubas on the market, and some top quality 2nd hand ones as well. Have you asked this question on any of the tuba specific forums?

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