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  1. Key2207

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    Hi :tup !

    Just looking for a bit of advice really.

    I'm in the process of filling in an application for to enrol on a job training scheme and one of the questions is 'What 5 questions would you ask to a future employer at an interview?'

    This is where i'm stuck. I've already got 'What does the job entail?' and about hours. But i just don't know what else to ask!! The pay is a standard training allowance but varies from employer to employer. So i'm not sure if I need to or should ask about this.


  2. Sam Atherton

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    I suppose it depends on what the job is, but at a guess I'd say you should ask about the money, ask about what work they will have you doing, ask about any training issues you're interested in/ concerned about and maybe (depending on how it's going) ask them if they're going to offer you the job!

    Good luck!
  3. Sellers_Bird

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    *what do you think are the 3 most important qualities needed for my job* well... thats what they asked me at Boots....
  4. Steve

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    What are the people I will be working like with?

    What are the future plans for the company (expansion / relocation)?

    What room for progression is there within the role / department?

    What the general working day will entail (phone to face to face ratio etc)

    Hope some of them are of use.
  5. Key2207

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    Thanks everyone!! I'll let you know how it goes :)
  6. DublinBass

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    Is the company supportive of professional growth/development?
  7. TheMusicMan

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    Here's mine:

    1 - How long have you been with the company?
    2 - Are you happy with your career prospects in this company?
    3 - Would it be possible to speak with some of the staff please?
    4 - If offered, what are the main reasons I should consider accepting this position and thus commence employment with this company?
    5 - Am I going to be given the appropriate control and authority such that I am able to undertake my responsibilities in a pragmatic and ultimately accountable manner?

  8. horn-girlie

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    how about how far you'd be expected to travel for the job? obviously doesnt apply to a lot of jobs, but might for some! good luck
  9. sparkling_quavers

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    this is a different question to "what questions would YOU be expect to be asked" they seem to be asking what you would ask if you acting as the interviewer rather than the interviewee?

    I would go for:

    *Tell me one interesting fact you have found out about our company
    *What are your worst qualities?
    *Who is the person who has most influenced your future ambitions and why?
    *Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
    *Give me an example of how you have worked within a team
  10. GJacko

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    Always ask about the money. Employers think you're side-stepping the issue otherwise. After all, why else do you want a job!!
  11. Nanny Ogg

    Nanny Ogg Member

    Why would you say that this is a good company to work for?
    What training and progression is there?
    What do you feel motivates the staff of this company?
  12. timbloke

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    I once asked a company (I won't say who but they are the Worlds biggest Engineering Consultant and have a name that sounds like a low carb diet) who were doing a Graduate Recruitment presentation the question:

    "What makes your company stand out from your competitors and why should I work for you as opposed to them"

    He just laughed and asked for the next question which I feel was both extremley rude and a poor show. As a result I steered well clear for working for them. I now go on similar recruitment events and am waiting for someone to ask the same question as I have a decent reply.

    I think it is a very good question, particular if you are going for a job where you are in demand.
  13. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    I had an interview today, and completely forgot to ask about money! :eek:
  14. uncle eric

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    of course its years since i had a job. i retired after 35 years unbroken service to the blakley drain co, but i think my 5 questions to prospective employers would be (i've included some follow up questions just in case)

    1. what sort of biscuits do you have in the staff area most days? a ball park biscuit? if i were to tie you down? what, like a nice? or a bourbon?
    2. how long can you be on the sick on full pay?
    3. what is the disciplinary proceedure for being drunk on duty? in terms of instant dismissal? or written warning?
    4. how many successful unfair dismissal claims have there been against your company?
    5. in what cases would you overlook persistently late attendance?

    i'm sure this will be of use


    uncle eric
  15. timbloke

    timbloke Member

    how about asking the following:

    From my CV you will see that I am an active brass bander; this involves regular attendance at rehearsals and concerts, and includes a significant amount of work in the run up to a major contest. With that in mind, what flexibility do you have with working hours, such that I can continue to persue my hooby without a detrimental affect upon my work?

    Were I to be offered a position in a top Championship section band, which required an even higher level of commitment, how prepared would you be to accomodate this?

    Has your company ever considered sponsoring a band?

    (Always thinking! ;))