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Discussion in 'tMP's .... "On the Spot" interview area' started by MRSH, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. MRSH

    MRSH Supporting Member

    North Lancing
    What is your most memorable performance

    a) as a soloist and
    b) from within a band

    and why was it memorable?
  2. Ankanala

    Ankanala Member



    As I said in an earlier thread, the 1992 National performance of New Jerusalem is a memory that will never fade. However another contest performance with Grimethorpe that is very memorable was the 1985 Granada Band of the Year programme devised by Elgar Howarth.

    We did the 25 minute show without a conductor, most of us stood up (except for basses) and I was the featured soloist with the Harry James Concerto for Trumpet. The band new we would be either first or last and as it turned out the music judges gave us an overwhelming 1st place. However the entertainment judge Arthur Taylor very curiously placed us third, (I have never been able to work that one out), but we did finish 1st overall. There are some videos kicking around of the whole show, it is well worth a look even if only to see my curly hair (!)
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