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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by johnys, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. johnys

    johnys New Member

    Many years ago i played Soprano cornet and wasn't allowed to play any other instrument as i was told it would spoil my lip ,do any other sop players double up on any other instrument ,does it cause a problem, fact or fiction.
  2. jrshimmon

    jrshimmon Member

    It does for me in rehearsals. I can pick up my Bb at the begining or end of rehearsal, ask me to play it in the middle and thats my lip of the Sop destroyed for the rest of the evening. I would say I am relatively new to the Sop and this may just be weaknesses in my embouchure coming out.
  3. David Mann

    David Mann Member

    It doesn't bother me, I can play other instruments and retain my mediocrity on sop.
  4. davel1975

    davel1975 New Member

    When I tried sop I was switching between sop and Bb and it did my lip no favours and pitching took about 15 mins to sort out on sop. I know some do it but if you want to be primarily a sop player I'd suggest not switching (at least for 12-18 months so you get used to the sop). I love playing Bb so I gave sop up.
  5. QAD

    QAD Member

    I would say that it's down to the individual. Most well trained Trumpet players have no problem playing Bb, C, D, Eb, or pic trumpets one after the other and it shouldn't be any different for Bb and Eb cornet. As long as you have the basics, lip flexibilities and all, can't see it makes a difference.
    I still practice Bb, D, and Eb regularly but I don't play regularly for any bands at the mo because I spend the little time I have these days conducting - so you can ignore me for that reason!
  6. pagliacci

    pagliacci Member

    Having moved from flugel to sop I was asked to dep for a band on flugel. Fortunately I went along to their rehearsal before the job and realised that I needed some more practice to get my lip and my pitching secure on the bigger instrument/mouthpiece; without that preparation I'd have let myself down.

    Since then I've stuck to sop (apart from the last post on Remembrance Sunday on Bb), but am thinking about keeping both Eb and Bb out for practising just to get used to the switch. But I have to be realistic about the amount of time for practice and if my sop playing suffers, I'll go back to sop for the majority of the time.
  7. pagliacci

    pagliacci Member

    Does playing on the higher instrument in fact help? I'm curious to know if practising on the piccolo, for example, actually helps the range when you come back to Eb?

    And is the norm to use the preferred mouthpiece for each instrument rather than one to cover all?
  8. Tam O Shanter

    Tam O Shanter Member

    It does for me. My Sop playing has brought on the upper register of my Bb playing. I use different mouthpieces on both - the sop mouthpiece is much shallower than my Bb one. But then I use a deep Bb mouthpiece.
  9. HaleStorm

    HaleStorm Member

    i can move between sop, Bb and Tenor Horn fairly easily, takes 4 or 5 mins to sort out my pitching and then im well away
  10. blue juice

    blue juice Member

    I switch between Bb cornet, Sop and Trumpet on one day where I have 3 rehearsals within 5 hours on all 3 one after the other and I never had an issue. I find that playing trumpet helps with playing sop
  11. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    I was taught to always warm up on a Bb irrespective of what pitch trumpet/cornet I was playing later in the day ...
  12. Sop_Or_Bass?

    Sop_Or_Bass? Member

    As well as sop I also play Bb cornet, trumpet, EEb & BBb bass. I find them all pretty interchangeable. Played Bb cornet on Friday night and Sop on Sunday - no probs; played EEb Bass the other week and Sop was fine next rehearsal.

    When I mainly played bass long term, I found it did affect my lip & tone for sop/cornet for a while so I tend not to play bass for a few weeks before an important concert/contest on Sop.

    Hope that helps ?!
  13. Sop_Or_Bass?

    Sop_Or_Bass? Member

    I actually find playing Bass helps develop my diaphragm! I find when just playing Sop/cornet that I can find myself getting lazy at times and not using my diaphragm as well as I should :(. I don't know about practising with a pic, but I guess it will help the upper register and use of the diaphram to get there.

    Mouthpieces should differ between different types of cornet/trumpets as you need them to do different things.
  14. Sopman

    Sopman Member

    I play both Sop and trumpet and haven't found it too difficult to swap round.
    Personally, I've found it better since I got a Warburton mouthpiece so I use the same cup on both instruments, but that may not be the same for everyone and works for what I do.

    It did take a while to get to this though and I've been playing sop as my main instrument for about 25 years.
  15. Foxbummer

    Foxbummer New Member

    I can't play anything else..... I wouldn't want to either :)
  16. chill

    chill Member

    Full time Sop. but only been on it for 15 months
    Pick Bb up every now and then to help my kids with their rehearsal, and it's not too much of an issue. Range on Bb is great now :)
  17. sniperjp

    sniperjp Member


    I used to play euph for 2 rehearsels a week, and then sop for 2 with another band, and i personally had no trouble.
    You should just try and see if it works for you.
  18. davidquinlan

    davidquinlan Member

    "Embourchure Technique" (for want of a better expression) is same for all really, sop, cornet, trumpet, picc etc, so if you have a good playing technique and good breathing technique there should be no trouble / "spoiling of lip" :)

    There are different styles to playing each of course.

    Can't say for swapping from sop/cornet to larger instruments, it's not something I've done.
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  19. sopsarah

    sopsarah New Member

    I play sop and love it so much, I think it suits my personality. I switch to Bb for jazz/pit band and if the band is short of a fourth man. I find pitching to be a bit of a problem, I try to play far too high on a Bb. Then again I switched from horn to sop, so that could have caused some confusion too. all round, Im a bit confused xx
  20. Kjata

    Kjata Member

    I was introduced to sop when I was very young as a joke, and the more I played it the better my pitching for both Bb and Eb, so I suppose the morale is to have the right frame of mind for each!
    Remeber you should stylistically different for sop and Bb.

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