Queensland Band Championship Results.

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    Adjudicators were Peter Younghusband and Kevin Jarrett.

    Some brilliant feedback from these two gentlemen over the course of the weekend, some of it rather useless.....but who is to say what is useless and what isn't??

    A grade was a very tight performance, especially with the own choice. I personally thought he made the wrong choice, but I wasn't the one getting paid to make an opinion now, was I? :lol:

    B grade was a clean sweep from Cairns, with their new MD Maureen Cameron (yes we stole her from over there!!).

    C grade's winners were a very tight band. Didn't catch the entire grade.

    D grade (my own little corner) was rigged to a degree. there were some bands here that were well and truly beyond D grade. It almost felt like there were 2 types od D grade bands, those that had so many ringins they must've really been A grade players with a coupla kids, and the REAL D grade bands, like my mob. It was a tight contest, but the adjudicator knew hat he wanted and the winners gave it to him.

    Wasn't a big fan of the venue, but do have budgets to meet.....

    Next year - Maryborough, Queen's Birthday Weekend
  2. Phil Green

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    How come? Thought you lot called us Whinging Poms!

  3. Okiedokie of Oz

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    Well, I'd only call you that if you were a whinging pom......so are you???? :wink:
  4. Mick

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    If you were that convinced that there were bands that were "rigged" why didn't you protest? There is that avenue.

    Being associated with one of the Bands in D grade I can tell you that all of our registrations and permits were in line with the Permits that are allowed for by Queensland Band Association.
    And from memory I think you even posted the permit rules.

    Remember that we had 2 bands competing at the Championships. Different story if we only had one.

    Interesting that from your initial posting we have now copped a bit of flack about our win (both D & B grade).

    Mick Wheeler
    BBb Bass
    Cairns Brass No 1
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    Good to see the Auzzies subscribe to the "we were robbed" line of thought after a contest too. Or even better the old "it's not fair". All classic gripes after a contest, long live banding, where ever it is!

    Any of you Auzzies getting yr self over this weekend to see what nearly 2000 thirsty bandsmen look like trying to cram into the Galeon Bar in Blackpool? Go on, you know it'll be fun!
  6. 2000 pounds later....... :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    We do try hard not to subscribe to the 'we were robbed' line too :p :p
  7. jambo

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    Oh, I never said it would be cheap. I have family in Melbourne so am aware of the cost. Perhaps this should have been on the 'dedication' topic. Anywa, only 2K? What about your beer? Ha ha. Have fun in oz, doesn't yr winter start soon?
  8. ted

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    Any beer that's luke warm isn't worth paying for.

  9. Aussie Aussie Aussie...

    whats this warm beer bullsh*t - yeah in regards to the beer budget I think that will have to be a major factor in planning any trip over for the nationals open or european in future.....
  10. Okiedokie of Oz

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    Twice I've been pulled up with that line, so I better say something now.

    I don't have a serious gripe. I just used the wrong choice of words. I'm just observing that the bands that scored highly in this section were the "junior" bands of most establishments. Which is great for those establishments. But I did not really mean to say it was rigged.
  11. Well Worth It

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    I've no idea where you've got warm beer from, mite.
    Every self-respecting "Pom" dislikes warm beer as much as the next geezer.
    Personally, I'm getting well into the "Extra Cold" Lagers. What a marvellous concept. It's still beer, but it's really, really cold. It trickles down your gullet like a glimmering stream meandering down a mountainside. It's cooling effect (esp. after engagement/rehearsal/work/play/breakfast) is akin to naked sledging on Antarctica.
    If the truth be told, I don't know a single geezer who wouldn't think twice at the thought of having to drink an entire pint of lukey-lager (new term perhaps?).
    May heaven be a fridge, filled with beer and I'll be saintly for the rest of my life.