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    Well John Doyle wasn't wrong in stating that these are three of the finest lads around...! ;) The lineup for todays cocert was John Doyle on 1st Cornet, Ben Rapp on second cornet, Lesley Howie on tenor horn and Rob Richardson on Baritone and what an amazing combination that was! The concert was held at Worden Park, Leyland today as part of 'parkicipate', an event sponsored by the council designed to give people the opportunity to be more creative. The band were spectacular, playing a 2 hour set of diverse music with something for everyone. They even invited keen members of the audience to go up and play with them! 'Keen members of the audience' consisting of euphfanhan and myself! They were highly professional - all coming equipped with pegs and all playing the right piece of music at the right time! The concert finished at around 2 and in usual brass band stylee all members headed straight for the bar! So yes, John Doyle really wasnt wrong in stating that these are three of the finest lads around (and Lesley's not bad if you're that way inclined!) ...

    Nicola and Hanna
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    :clap: :rolleyes:
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