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    Does anyone know of any quartets that are available for 2 cornets, euphonium and trombone.

    The four people involved are championship section principal seat standard so the harder the better.

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    No with Firefox Sibelius Scorch dosen´t work.. Don´t know why :( But use Explorer 5-7 and it will work..
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    My Scorch works fine with Firefox but I couldn't begin to tell you how ;)

    You could try getting in touch with the Sibelius techie people and asking them.

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    I had the same problem with Firefox some time ago and then I swiched to Explorer 7.. Great idea mail the sibelius technicians about the problem...
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    I've been using Scorch with Firefox for years. Never had any problems
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    The instructions are there when you download the plug-in:

    Do it like that and it'll work fine - has done for me for ages!
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    Any danger of you supporting the SCABA Q&E??
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    Unfortunately not. The four people involved don't live in the area :cool:

    So...........Anyone got any ideas for quartets for 2 cornets, euphonium and trombone, please :D
  11. Hells Bones

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    There is a piece on sibeliusmusic called The Lone Ar-ranger which my trombone quartet play an arrangement of: http://www.sibeliusmusic.com/cgi-bin/show_score.pl?scoreid=73401

    It is quite good, got a sop player? could put in an option top C (on sop unless you can get up there on a Bb ;) ) at the end. it is a cracking piece and the audiences love it, it is basically the William Tell Overture that has been muddled up and had a lot of other pieces stuck in e.g. rule britania, drunken sailor to name a couple. we try to get the audience to name as many pieces involved as they can, it is quite fun the different quotes move seamlessly throughout the piece and it works quite well, though the trombone part has some very nice lip trilly stuff, well, not really lip trills, just slurred semis that are fast enough to be trills lol
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    All available from Aldbrickham Music at a 10% discount.

    Actually, Aldbrickham have a couple of quartets in the catalogue - they aren't terribly difficult, but they are a bit different from the normal fare.
  14. MoominDave

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    Find yourself a tuba player, and I can transpose any of the quintet arrangements on my site (www.geocities.com/dtmusicuk) to fit.

  15. HBB

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    Erm... at college i've been put into a quartet:

    Quartets that are rather good:
    Elegy and Rondo (Vinter)
    Alla Burlesque (Vinter)
    Divertimento (Sparke)
    Little Swiss Suite (Richards)
    Timepiece (Graham)
  16. Redhorn

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    Get in touch with Alan Flower, hes got loads of suitable music (i can give you his email address if you dont have it?). The two Vinter numbers that Ben mentions above are very good, and not easy. We've also done an arrangement of Paganini Variations, which is very taxing for all players. We won a quartet competition against some fine opposition playing the music listed above. btw, everyone else played Timepiece!!

  17. cacophony665

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    How about:-

    Elegy and Rondo (Vinter)
    Quartet (R Maldwyn Price)
    3 Impromptus (Kenneth Cook)
    Prelude & Capriccio (Gregson)
    Variations on a theme of Paganini (Horovitz)

    and I have the ms score of an unpublished monster piece by Arthur Butterworth which should be more than hard enough for most people. If you're interested in any of these, let me know.

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    - thing is, what is the trombone player going to do in all these mixed quartets? ;)
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    stop playing when it gets hard and suddenly start cleaning their slide!