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    Been looking recently to get more quartet/q Yuri intent music for our youth band. I've been looking on some websites, but does anyone have any recommendations for quartet/quintet music and could direct me to where I could buy them? Thanks
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    Marc Reift has a very large selection of music for small groups, most of it with alternative parts (bass/treble clef, horn in F or E flat etc.) A lot of their stuff is probably just the sort of music you might want for a youth band (i.e plenty of not too difficult stuff, not too 'intellectually demanding'). The only minor drawback is that it comes from Switzerland so will take a little while to arrive (I don't know of any agents for Reift in the UK).

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    my experience of buying music from the Swiss is that their post is like their trains - efficient and timely, if a little expensive.
    June Emerson is a great source for music in the UK, and WOB have series of quartets, too.
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    I bought a CD of trombone stuff from the Clarinet Institute of Los Angeles a couple of years ago. May sound strange but they have brass archives too. I was very surprised to find that there was a lot of brass quartet and quintet stuff on the CD too.

    It's all "old" music which is out of copyright but there is some great stuff on the trombone one that I ordered. They also have another CD specifically of quartets and quintets which I cannot vouch for the quality of but from the contents list looks pretty good

    http://www.clarinetinstitute.com/44329 Brass Quintet Archives.htm

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    Here is a link to my brass quintet, premiered November 22. I'm not sure if it is the appropriate level for your group, but check it out. I'd be happy to send you the score if you'd like to peruse it a bit. Just send me an email (hamilton.seanr@gmail.com).

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/1szsvg4if10n86v/Block 11-22.mp3

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