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    Would really like some information please on where we can obtain some music for 2 cornets, 1 Eb horn and Euphonium that the 4 of us can practice before we have band rehearsal. We are all capable players and keen to play something we all enjoy but at the moment we only have 1 quartet and its starting to get a bit overplayed.......so, could any of you kind people out there recommend some pieces please and where we can purchase them. Many thanks..........M.:clap::clap::cool:
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    Big Shinny Brass do quintets (you'd need a Tuba or Bass Trombone to join you) and I suspect that they also do a small number of quartets too. Good luck and please let us know what you find.
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    There's plenty of choice:

    Marc Reift offers a large selection of music here: http://www.reift.ch - some of it good, some of it so-so. You have to order direct from them in Switzerland as, to my knowledge, there is no agent for them in the UK.

    MF Music do a number of good quality quartets and are sold in this country by Mostyn Music: www.mostynmusic.com

    Obrasso also has a large catalogue of quartets which can be found here: www.obrasso.ch - like the above two they are based in Switzerland but you can get their stuff from Studio Music in Luton.

    Kirklees Music and Glissato Music (Italy) also have small catalogues of quartet music, and there are many other publishers with a few titles available. You might also try June Emerson, which has a huge catalogue, and also the online publisher www.onlinesheetmusic.com which has a number of interesting items, although its search facility is less than ideal and you have to wade through pieces for all small brass combinations to locate the quartets - but some of them are worth it!

    You can also find a number of publications for sale on Ebay but in my opinion they are not of particularly good quality.

    Good luck

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    Many thanks for your replies..............
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    There are also some good (and not so good) pieces on score exchange that you might want a look at.

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