Putting Brass at Number one!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by brass journo, Sep 21, 2005.

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    Hope I can put this here mods!! if not I'll leave it to your discretion - could we make it a sticky too if poss?


    Putting Brass at Number one!

    Not since the glory days of The Floral Dance has a brass band achieved success in the UK charts and despite every effort to promote the genre in the mainstream music market, the hit parade has been bombarded with reality TV show winners as opposed to the traditional English soul music that is brass bands.

    Well, now it’s the banding fraternity’s opportunity to help hear the sounds of brass in the charts as, for the first time in many years, an album and single featuring some top quality brass playing is being released into the mainstream pop charts.

    The album in question is entitled The Man with the Golden Cornet, an outstanding album featuring Alan Morrison, accompanied by the Brighouse & Rastrick. Featuring some of the most beautiful, soulful and easy listening tunes, the album has been released by Hot Records and will hit the UK market on Monday 26 September.

    On the same day a single will also be released, featuring three versions of Alan performing his own evocative adaptation of Eva Cassidy’s Over the Rainbow, a stunning arrangement which earned Alan the inaugural Fodens Richardson Award.

    But how can you help? Quite simply, in order for the single Over the Rainbow to rise up the hit parade it must achieve record sales. However, high street music stores will only stock the single and album if the demand is there and it receives plenty of air play on the radio.

    So, in order to hear bands in the charts again, give the radio station you listen to a call and request Alan’s performance of Over the Rainbow. Likewise, when walking down the street pop into your local music store and ask if they sell either the single Over the Rainbow, performed by Alan Morrison or his new album, The Man with the Golden Cornet. This is our chance as a banding community to pull together to give brass bands the exposure they deserve in the mainstream musical world.
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    Done! ;)
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    many thanks!!
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    Please correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this just an advert?
    Admittedly, a well-written advert, but an advert nonetheless.

    Just what we need - another artist in the charts recording a cover of a classic song;)
  5. dyl

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    If you want to look at it like that, then fine. I prefer to see it as a good opportunity to get brass banding in the minds of those outside the movement once again.

    Again, I prefer to to see it as someone trying their best for the movement, instead of putting it down at every single opportunity.
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    Thanks Dyl - totally agree - it is about putting brass band music out there in the public medium and promoting it to those who would not ordinarily come across it - then they might enjoy it as we do and the future of brass bands and the enjoyment they bring will be stronger. It is also, more importantly, a wonderful opportunity for young people to be exposed to bands and there music as youngsters love listening to the charts - surely if just one or two people enjoy it enought to support bands in the future it has done it's job.
  7. squirrel

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    Just looked for this album on play.com, its there but amusingly.....

    Who can say that us brass banders have no taste :rolleyes:
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    Great idea Tabbs!! Now if only I knew my way to the record store... lol :D

  9. horn__blower

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    how comes a classical (ish) music piece is going into the pop charts tho - dont they need singing and stuff??? :confused:
  10. Bones

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    Irrespective of whether or not it is to your musical tastes.

    The fact that one of the Movement's leading players (Alan you owe me a pint or six) is promoting our movement and putting himself on the line deserves, if not commands our applause.

    If we don't then our movement is destined to flounder.

    People ridiculed Robbie Williams, when he bought the "Swing when your Winning" CD out, saying a mainstream artisit could't carry it off. Well, it is and still remains one of my favourite CD's and the live video is superb. I'm sure a lot of people would agree with me. And if Alan is successful then good luck to him, and well done Tabby for bringing it all to our attention.

    Best of luck all concerned.
  11. brass journo

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    Thanks Bones

    and it's not classical ish! it is an adaptation of Eva Cassidy's version which was released by Hot Records - the same record company that has recorded Alan's album and single.

    who cares what/ where/who it is as long as it gives our movement exposure - the fact that it's the best album, either classical / band / or pop that I've heard this year is a bonus! simply stunning playing and Over the Rainbow is just the most wonderfully effective arrangement!!

  12. horn__blower

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    is there somewhere on the net you can listen to an extract of it before deciding to buy/recommend it?

    and i didnt mean that the music was classical ish in a bad way, just that i thought that normally songs in the charts were songs, and not just instruments. not that i think it will be bad or anything, just that i was surprised that it will be released into the pop charts.
  13. brass journo

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  14. Rapier

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    That link takes me to a Hot Records site called Didgereedoo last updated June 2004.
  15. dyl

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    Really? Click on the map of the UK and then follow the links. I maanged to find info on the CD easy enough.
  16. horn__blower

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    it does say june 04, but i found it by searching for cornet.

    but i cant see anywhere to listen to an extract though.
  17. brassneck

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  18. Rapier

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    Yes, I found it on the Hot Records site but not to listen to any of it. Certainly wouldn't buy it without having a listen first.
  19. brass journo

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    Hi TMPers

    just to let you know the album is selling really well having sold out in some regions!!

    The single of Over the Rainbow is released this Monday (10th October) so pop into your local music store and purchase a copy - it's a only a couple of quid!

    Not only is it outstanding but it well get bands in the pop charts again!


  20. jumperKing

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    So I take it we can all plug our CD's on this part of the forum now then?

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