Put out to brass (The Sun, Friday 16th July 2010)

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    I was tipped off about this article which appears on page 32 of The Sun today. (I don't normally read The Sun although my grandpa did!)

    Paragraph five grabs the attention; But now academics are warning that brass bands could die out because they are so rarely heard on the radio, television or internet.

    The article is written by Grant Rollings with quotes from Ray Farr. There is also a myView comment by Paul Beaumont, President of Brighouse & Rastrick Band.

    I've searched The Sun website in vain for the article so guess, if you want to read it, you'll have to pop to the shops at lunchtime and grab a copy for just 20p!
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    Brass is not dead in County Durham

    If the Sun reporter had been in County Durham duing the last two weeks he would have written a different story. From sell-out concerts by youth bands to 48 bands parading at the Miners' Gala to brass workshops in schools by world famous artists and concerts of all kinds of brass from funk to jazz to clasical the Durham Festival is a shining beacon. Durham Cathedral was packed to the doors last night for the premiere of a specially commissioned film about miners with a specially composed live brass accompaniment. This was a brilliant performance and is being repeated again tonight. Tomorrow sees the inauguration of a new contest for brass bands at the Gala Theatre in Durham with £7,500 in prizemoney.
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    he has a point. The way people listen to music now it is very hard to stumble across and hear brass band music. Those who are interested know where to look, but those who are unfamiliar may not hear it by chance, which i get the impression is what they are saying re TV, radio and internet coverage.
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    Well, it's official now: we're doomed; according to the his column in today's "Sun" we now have the support of Jeremy Clarkson ...