Purtle.com Brass Camp - July 16-17, 2010

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    Purtle.com Brass Camp
    July 16-17, 2010 at Anderson University, South Carolina

    The featured artists are Susan Slaughter (Principal Trumpet, Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra) and Harry Kim (Founder of The Vine Street Horns, lead trumpet with Phil Collins and American Idol). More bio information is online. Both Harry and Susan will talk about music business. Harry is preparing a unique lecture involving interviews and clips of famous musicians, composers, and contractors. Quincy Jones is one of the ones interviewed and helping with the production. Harry and Susan will talk about what has been essential to their careers over the past 40+ years.

    Jeff Purtle will show how to use the teachings of Claude Gordon that helped both Susan Slaughter and Harry Kim. Jeff's lecture will include live demonstrations, video excepts of Claude Gordon and Keynote computer slides to reinforce the lecture material.

    Other speakers include:
    Joe Marcinkiewicz (Marcinkiewicz Co. Inc.)
    Dr. Keith Amstutz (Video Fluoroscopy and The Tongue in Brass Playing)
    Rich Ita (Antique Cornets and Brass Repair)

    Those unable to come in person will be able to subscribe and watch live steamed video and replay the sessions for at least 14 days after the event in HD video quality.

    The price is $200 for in person and $100 for online viewers.
    Anderson University housing is very affordable at $75 for 2 nights and 6 meals with 2 people per room.

    Anderson University is easily accessible by three airports (i.e. GSP, ATL, CLT) that have international flights.

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