Purcell Variants

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  1. ian perks

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    Well last night we had a blow through Butlins 1st Section Test:purcell Variants by Peter Meecham:
    First thoughts 1st Movement:
    A GOOD PIECE, different opening to any other with Trombs on Chourd and Cornets coming in on Shock notes.
    2nd Movement:Some nice moments in this
    3rd Movement:YES just brilliant:tup
  2. Redhorn

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    Anything scary in it? (prominent solo's, etc)

    What does the piece compare to, in terms of style, scoring, etc?

    Also, just wondering if anyone knows which bands play on which days at the Butlins Contest?
  3. WhatSharp?

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    All the bands play on the Saturday, with the Championship section doing their Entertainments bit on the Sunday.

    Fantastic weekend to go to.
  4. NeilW

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    Its just a shame its so far out on the outer rim of the universe.

    Being a southerner, I've never been - its simply far too far away. Someone went up from Oxdford last year and it took them ~5 hours to get there - which would mean taking Friday and Monday off to travel on, which the family would take a very dim view of ("wasting precious holiday on banding" and school days couldn't be missed, so they couldn't come even if they wanted to)

    Why is it always at the same isolated Butlins?

  5. WhatSharp?

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    Not sure quite why they choose Skeggy, however Brian Eggleshaw (?) from the Midlands regionals helps run it and I believe the entertainments manager (can't remember his proper title) is a brass player, so it sort of makes sense. Yes it is a long way (we leave London at 4:00pm after picking the Kids up and last year got their about 9:30pm) but no further than Pontins (and a LOT nicer!). Also the attraction of the Entertainments contest on the Sunday is a big bonus.

    The only down side is that they run it during term time which means those with kids or schools can't stay Sunday night. But then I think Pontins is as well isn't it?
  6. its technically too easy for thge first section i got it all note perfect on the first run through except the rhythm in the last movement but after a night on in the band went too easy and pulled out as all the bands will technically play it the interpretation will be the winner and thats too much of a gamle to the man in the box
  7. Cornishwomble

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    People said Lorenzo was too easy as well for Pontins and were found out.

    I think it's a bit sad that you pull out of a contest because you think a piece is too easy. Does your conductor not have faith in his own abilities to interpret the piece?

    For me personally if I go to a contest and the band plays the best it can and doesn't get the result at least you know that it was out of your hands. Sometimes winning isn't eveything and you'll miss out on a good weekend!
  8. WoodenFlugel

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    Although not playing it personally I've heard two performances of it at Leicester and Leamington. I didn't "get it" at all the first time but the second time around I really liked it - especially the second movement. Depending on our draw I might wander over to the first section and listen to a few at Butlins.

    I'd have thought the mid-piece "tune-up" (sorry can't think of any other way to describe it) would be pretty scary for those having to play it. OK so you'd only have to play one note, but that note must have a good tone, and be intune with the preceeding note. Easy in the bandroom, not so easy in the pressure of a contest.

    Oh and at Leamington the band that played it (Bedford?? Good performance BTW) played a the short sop solo off-stage. I wondered whether this is actually written as an off stage solo?
  9. DaveR

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    I didn't find it too bad last year. I drove up from Reading on the Saturday, leaving home at about 5.30am. I was there a good 30 minutes before the draw started. I then drove back because I had something on in central London that evening. Left Skeggy at about 2, arrived back in Reading at about 6, and was in London by 7. I did have to keep a good look out for speed cameras on the A1 though ;)

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  10. Stewart

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    Yes, it was indeed us (Bedford, thanks), I'd never actually thought about whether the sop solo was written as an off stage solo, I just assumed that our MD. thought it would sound better that way. :dunno Seemed to work quite well either way.
  11. imthemaddude

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    If all the bands in the Championship section took this view there wouldn't be a contest. I think your band should pride themselves in the fact they can already play it well and go in with their heads high because i'm sure there will be bands that aren't finding it that easy.