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    As a science teacher, I am less appalled by the punishment as I am by the insinuation that 26 different kids' "spit" were on his son's hands!!

    I'd be willing to bet that 99+% of the liquid was water. "Spit" valve is such a misleading phrase when it is really the combination of warm breath and a colder horn condensing water vapor in the air that is primarily responsible for the liquid coming out of our horns rather than "spit" or saliva itself.

    Would parents be outraged if the band director said "for punishment you must hold your hands on the fawcet while it runs for 2 minutes?" Not really, much difference in my book.

    And we wonder why the lowest Standardised test scores are in science!
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    not sure if i agree or not, having no idea what a "fawcet" is.
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    tap for the UK folks:)
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    I think it is disgusting and it makes me feel quite nauseous. Even if there really is little difference between the contents of a horn and water from the tap, I would no more touch it (or put up with my child being forced to touch it) than I would drink it! Having said that, I feel that way about tap water too occasionally!
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    All I'm getting is a black box? Any idea why this isn't loading?

    Edit : Just hit "ie tab" and somethings has lloaded. Although I tried that last night too and it still didn't work then. Ah well.

    Edit edit : Not the "spit" report though. Doh!
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    I had to hunt around a bit too Di. Try typing "spit" into the box underneath, think it says "search all video" or something like that. It should be in the search results. You get an advert first, then the report plays.
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    Then I suppose you don't want to hear that 60-70% of all bottled water comes from the "tap" anyways.
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    LOL you're absolutely right, I don't want to hear that. I think I must be unnaturally obsessive about these things!
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    It sounds and IS disgusting. I would never condone that !!

    However, in a similar vein, I studied at Salford college for 3 years, 1 of those years I spent studying the Trumpet with Dave James. I had a habit of not using my fingertips to depress the valves. Dave used to threaten to burn my fingers with his cigarette lighter every time i slipped back into the habit. He also used to smoke in the practice room where lessons were taking place. The cigarette lighter threat never bothered me at all really, neither did the smoking ( I have never smoked myself save for the odd cigar ). Indeed, Dave was a truly inspirational teacher, i loved every minute of every lesson. He changed my 'chops' and I have never looked back!!

    The topic of this thread just highlights the age of political correctness that we live in and how ridiculous PC'ism is!!.