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    A new add-on has been released for SymphoniX which allows bands and organisations to publish their music catalogue online. System users can define which records to show and which to exclude from the web-based library.

    An example of a default set up can be seen on our demo WebLibrary page at You will be given access to allow you to change links, sidebar text, introduction text and colours. We also offer a chargeable service to make the WebLibrary look the same as your organisation's website.

    The WebLibrary add-on costs £30 per year (which includes hosting, maintenance and free script updates). An additional domain name will be required and can be purchased at time of order.

    SymphoniX VPS (adTech Public Net) is only £120 per year (just £10 per month) and can be securely accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. For more information on SymphoniX please visit

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