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  1. First, please let me apologise if this aubject has been covered before, I have scanned through, but not found anything.

    My question, is I have a piece of music that I composed some years ago. Any suggestions on how I may get this published? Is it a case of just sending it to a publisher, or several, or is there a set procedure that I should consider?

    Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks
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    1st - welcome to tMP :hi

    Yup - check the tMP Copyright Fact sheet link right at the top of this and every tMP page. You should find some extremely useful information in there.

    There's also a plethora of threads about this very subject. Do a search for copyright...
  3. Thanks for the welcome, and for pointing me in the direction of the top of the page link to the tMP Copyright Fact Sheet. Very informative, and very useful, and not just in regard to my original question. Thanks.
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    You're very welcome... did you find what you were looking for though? Always interested in knowing if you managed this.