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    Increasingly, in order to get Christmas carol jobs in shopping centres we're being asked to have up to £5million of public liability insurance. I expect we're not an isolated case and many other bands have been asked for similar. That being the case can anyone give me a ballpark figure for how much that amount of cover might cost us.
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    My band already have this £5 million automatially included in our instrument insurance from Brass Band Insurance Serices
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    Hi John,

    Making Music, the national support body for UK voluntary music, offers considerably discounted insurance for groups of all genres, including brass bands. This covers all forms of insurance, including public liability. Check out for further information, or you can find insurance specific information direct at

    If you wish to speak to our Scotland Development Officer, Richard Shaw, direct by the way you can find his contact details here: and you can also find more information about our wider work in Scotland here:

    Representatives from Making Music will also be present at the SBBA AGM & conference next weekend in Livingstone by the way if you'd like to speak to someone in person

    Hope that's of some help