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    Has anyone seen specific details of the licences required after April 2005?

    I have just taken a booking for a Carnival in July, and according to my local council's website:

    "A Licence is not required for: Fetes, Fairs carnivals and circuses"


    "When is a Licence Required? Events open to the public where there is live music or dancing. This includes live bands...."

    I am aware that the MU had a good website reference when the Bill was being passed, but maybe a legal beaver member of tMP will have a definitive ruling now that it is about to be enacted? Perhaps scope for a tMP Library article?

    Alan Lafferty
    Bude Metric Brass
    St Gennys Silver Band
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    As far as I am aware the decision over what is ultimately licencable rests with the local council so if they say Carnivals, fetes and the like don't need a licence then they don't. Ultimately it is the organiser though who needs to obtain the licence and not the band.

    Again, as far as I understand it licences are required for public events where there is a charge levied. One engagement we have in the year is for a private garden that is open to the public for a fee to raise money for charity. Under the new act this would require a licence. Our local council will issue temporary licences for this kind of event, though at what cost I've no idea.


    Cheers, Greg.

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