Protecting new tuba from scratches?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Matthew, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. Matthew

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    Does anyone have any good ideas on how I can protect the bottom bow of my new lacquered Neo BBb and the bell rim (in particular)?

    These points are most prone to scratching/damage (via placing on the floor) - I've already picked up some minor blemishes on the bow, despite careful handling.

    Stuart - if you're around, I think you use tape to cover the bow? Is this safe and does this peel the lacquer?

    I don't want to get a half cover or use anything too bulky, etc.

    Thanks all. :D

    Edit: Just found this, wonder if there's anything else similar apart from using foam?!

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  2. Ianroberts

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    I would say keep it away from us clumsy baritone aficionados !
  3. I must admit that it really grates with me when I see beautiful instruments in contact with concrete, tarmac etc.

    I carry mats on which to place my drumkit. This stops the bass drum "walking" when I play it, because my stool is on the back of the mat, with my weight restraining everything. It also stops the drums and other components grinding on rough surfaces and, on the other hand, stops them from scratching polished floors. You'd have to find a way to prevent the wind blowing the mat away in a wind, but it seems to me that this idea would work for you.

    There again, I am not up on the practicalities of using large bass instruments. Of course, it'd be a pain having to transport the mat, so you'd have to decide which is most important to you.
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    I believe you can buy rim protectors. I noticed one of the Boobs and Brass EEb players has a pink one.
    It's a shame they stopped putting a protective knob on the bottom bow of tubas. My 1982 Besson has one and folk keep saying "Why don't you get that taken off"? ~ Why, it protects the bottom end perfectly.
    As they say "Change is easy but improvement is difficult".

    ~ Mr Wilx
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  6. pbirch

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    I think the name of the company is Warmahorn, their website appears to be down at the moment so they might be out of business, the K&M tuba stands are great for protecting the bottom bow
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    I think I remember seeing something in the last couple of months regarding Warmahorn closing down. I know not why, or indeed if they are going to return.

    As far as bell protection is concerned, in Marching Band and Drum & Bugle Corps we used to use a length of food grade hose (clear plastic or the colour of your choice!) cut to length and slit lengthwise with a sharp knife (Warning: get a responsible adult to help you with this - especially the BBb players! :-D ) This slots quite nicely over the bell rim and provides protection from scratches all season long.
  8. Gorgie boy

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    I agree Peter. Used to use one all the time and it woprked a treat.


    I have been using electricians tape on the bottom bow for years on both silver and lacquer finish,when its wearing just peel off and renew,about 4 twelve inch pieces covers the area. As you know my Wessex tubas are always kept in top condition and I've had no lacquer problems with using the tape.You can also buy yellow tape.I also make my own cork rotary valve dampers out of wine bottle corks.As for the bell..I always carry a piece of bubble wrap in my case about 3 foot weighs very little and I stand bell on it.
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    I have a drawer full of brass marbles,that was the first job when I joined a band......saw the ****** knob off.There are a lot of tubas around knob less.It did protect the instrument though.I still cringe when I see players standing new instruments on concrete.
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    ......saw the ****** knob off.

    That sounds painful !