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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Phil Green, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Phil Green

    Phil Green Supporting Member

    I'd like to take the opportunity to use this forum and thank, on behalf of all at Sovereign Brass, Pav - a regular contributor on tMP.

    When I advertised for a percussionist here on tMP in May 2008 to help the band out at the Grand Shield, Pav PM'd me and offered his help if we were really stuck. We were and he did. Interestingly Pav is a cornet player, but he was having some time out of playing.

    After the contest, having played the difficult tuned parts perfectly Pav joined and has been a regular ever since and I know one of his recent highlights was playing the glock for us at Pontins on Cloudcatcher with the "Major" in the middle.

    Pav is now moving to a more local band - 80 mile round trip to us with no expenses! - and a more familiar instrument but has already offered to build a shed at the back for us if we ever need help at a concert or such.

    It goes to show what a great job he did when last week he was asked by our MD why he had occasional difficulties with one really nasty semi-quaver run.
    "Because I'm not really a percussionist" was his reply - much to the amazement of the MD and half the band!
    When it was announced on Sunday that it was Pav's last appearance with the band there was a communal "Awww" from the band, very different to the cheers we normally get when I make those announcements.

    Thanks Pav, you are a top bander and a top bloke too.


    Yes ,PAV is a real star, we spent many happy times when we were in Hepworth Band together...He was also a great fan of our famous Battye Bass Section and whipped the crowd into a frenzy at contests,a great guy and a drinking and eating legend ! We miss him up here in Yorkshire.. Banding in Yorkshire went downhill when PAV moved down south.
  3. Oodle Bugler

    Oodle Bugler Member

    In these days of self-promotion when any old half-weight sends press releases all about themselves to 4BR, here is a genuine legend of the banding movement, Pav.

    A gentleman of the highest order.

    I for one would buy his autobiography, any chance of releasing it Pav?
  4. BobStubbs

    BobStubbs New Member

    Well done Pav

    Yes, well done Pav, you deserve the accolades - a true bandsman. Great to hear that you are back blowing and I echo Mr Haigh's sentiment that your talents are sorely missed in Yorkshire. Your contributions to the movement cannot be overstated, but to name just a few:-

    Cornerstone of THE Hepworth "tower of power" back-row dream team of the mid-90's
    Inventor of the Paganini Variation Pre-Contest Cocktail
    First successful un-aided sub-2 second pint attempt (I kid you not)
    Architect of the Todmorden Old (irrational) hate movement
    Inaugural member of the Granty fan Club
    Chief lyricist - Fatty Kaye

    Can't wait to hear you back on the cornet (do you still use that Tenor Horn Denis Wick 2?).

    A rare Scholar, philosopher, gentleman and sheep reader.:clap:
  5. Phil Green

    Phil Green Supporting Member

    A whole set of attributes that we at Sovereign never got the chance to see - just goes to show what a well rounded chap Pav really is!
  6. Pav

    Pav Member

    OK, you do all know I'm not dead don't you? This is like reading your own obituary.

    Phil, thanks very much for the kind (largely true) words and all the best to the Sov in 2009. Great bunch of people and a great band to play for.

    Haighy, I think you're right about Yorkshire banding going downhill since I left. Look at Hepworth - what have they done in the last 12 years? It was a successful 1st section band when we was there. It's been ages now since they won Holmfirth Contest, never mind the Jim Battye Cup.

    Not sure about the autobiography. What about Joff as a ghost writer? That could be worth reading.

    Bob - you've forgotten the cocktail that tasted like wood (or was that one of yours?).


    You are spot on Pav. 17 cups in a row....and that was just the Bass section !I think it s a lack of ale consumption and a far too serious outlook on nerves in our day, just plenty of ale before the contest !:guiness:hammer:guiness:guiness:guiness

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