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    After coming 4th yesterday for the 3rd year in a row our band is now in the position where we are joint 2nd in our section. What usually happens now ? Does the band lying in 1st and both bands in 2nd get promoted or does only one of the bands in 2nd get promoted? If so how do they decide which one? We did ask our area organiser yesterday what usually happens in this position but he didn't know either. Does anyone have any idea?
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    I think it's left to the decision of the area committee. It also depends on the number of bands in the section above due to be relegated and if there are any appeals, etc. But i think because you're in 2nd you should go up (appoligise if i've got my facts wrong, just speaking off the top of my head, not entirely sure :? :) )
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    The promotion (and relegation) of bands is explained in the Rules found here:

    in Appendix 1 sections g & f on Page 6.

    It appears that bands on the same number of points are treatedt he same, but the number of bands promoted or relegated depends on the number of bands in the section.


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    By my reckoning Michelle, you are in 2nd and are clear by .5 a point.

    Lockwood have 5.5+5+1 = 11.5
    You have 4+4+4 = 12
    Stape have 5.5+2+5 = 12.5
    Carlisle St. Stephen's have 5.5+5+2 = 12.5

    :?: :?: :?: :?:

    I worked it all out (of sorts) here
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    My brother the 2nd trom with murton worked it out and your right they are clear... the confusion was the program had the wrong points printed but murton should be promoted this year!
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    i thought we had agreed that the bands with the top 2 highest points go up.. even if 10 bands were on the same points...
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    Thats what the rules say! :lol: