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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Nick Wilson, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Nick Wilson

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    Our Band is looking into creating either a promotional video or a slide show with a recording of us playing over the top to go on either our website or to be put on a CD to send to people who are looking at hiring the band.

    I have searched and read various posts already that suggests I need the permission of the players concerned, fine - but I am still unclear as to the legalities/technicalities of any permission required from the composer/publisher/copyright holder of the music we would be playing.

    Can anyone clarify the position or point me towards a relevant existing thread on this?
  2. You need to contact PRS for Music,, where you can apply for a licence to have music on your DVD/CD/website. They will charge you a fee, depending on the wider use of your item, numnber of pressings etc. They will act on behalf of the publishers and composers, so there is no need to contact each directly.
  3. P_S_Price

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    Actually this has made me think a bit about youtube.

    Our band (and several others I notice) have had pieces from our concerts put on you tube, without our knowledge (We knew that we were being videoed by a member of the congregation but didnt know he was going to put it on You Tube, and indeed never even gave it a thought).

    I wonder what the legal position is here?
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    In this sort of case isn't it YouTube that holds any copyright responsibility?
  5. Rapier

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    I'd guess that as it was done without your knowledge and you have no control over it, you'd be in the clear.
  6. Nick Wilson

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    These types of site where members of the public are able to upload content normally cover themselves by making you accept their terms and conditions which includes confirming that either the content you upload is free of copyright or you have the required permission.

    I think therefore that the onus is on the person uploading the content to have the relevant permissions. The band cannot do much other than not allow any recording of the concert.