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    Where can I find out which bands are going up/down a section? I assume it's on the web somewhere, but haven't found it yet.

    Particularly interested in NWest championship section, and Wales (complete).

  2. MoominDave

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    The L&SC area positions are available for all sections at

    This question has been asked several times before on tMP, notably here. It seems that L&SC is the only area to publish official tables on the internet (courtesy of Kidlington's own "Mr Gadget" and L&SC committee rep John Underwood), although some bands in other areas produce unofficial versions. Links to some of these from last year can be found by searching for threads with (for example) the phrase "grading tables" in.
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    The Scottish grading tables can be found here

    Remember, in Scotland it's first two at the Scottish Championships who are promoted. The relegation places are taken from the grading tables. For this year two bands go down from the Championship section and one band from sections 1, 2 and 3. This is because of the amalgamation of two first section bands creating a gap in that section.
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    But aren't those 'unofficial' versions produced by the Ever Ready band? Curiously, that domain no longer appears to be where they keep the rest of their website.

    Are the BFBB the central authority here? Wouldn't it make much more sense for them to have all the official gradings for each section for each area on their own website? It wouldn't be difficult to do.
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    No, that's the official NEBBC site. See:

    BFBB perhaps should be the central authority, but they're not. The National Championships are owned by Besson and run by Kapitol, but my understanding is that the regional committees are autonomous and not affiliated to the BFBB (or anything else). Hence the problems between the Midlands regional committee, BFBB (who operate the 'judiciary') and Ibstock Band earlier this year...

    There must be a better way!

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    It should be noted that I believe that certain parts of the 2005 NEBBC tables are inaccurate, with regards to non-competing bands I think in the 4th Section at least, there has been over penalisation?? In the end I believe that only 8 bands actually played at Darlington, one having entered and then withdrawn - hence giving all the non competing bands 9 points as opposed to 10? Picking holes I know.. ;)
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    I've done an updated 2005 NEBBC table here. Note this is totally UNOFFICIAL and quite probably INACCURATE. I will leave others to speculate on promotiosn/relegations...

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