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  1. Righty, this is going to sound stupid. But how do you project your sound? I've never had any trouble doing this on tenor horn, but my in lessons with my french horn teacher, he has been telling me to project more, and I'm getting confused as to how I do this.

    I'm guessing it is a confidence thing, but I have no idea!
  2. michellegarbutt

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    Ask him exactly what he means. A tutor is there to help not confuse
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    As far as I know on the Tenor Horn projection is all about support from the Diaphram and producing a consistant column of air through the instrument. Lots to do with sitting properly, open throat and blowing through the instrument and not into it. Easier said than done I know. :?

    Mind you all French horn sound like hose pipes with a funnel on the end to me, so who knows how to make a good sound out of one (all togther now "Throw it down a flight of stairs!!!" :D :oops: )
  4. You complete **** :p (you can work that could be one of many!)

    And anyway, I don't really need help with my tenor horn playing, it's not important! Hehe :D
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    well to me its means breathing, and breathing correctly, quality breathing...... a bit like putting redex in your car instead of petrol :wink: ........... better quality= better sound and projection :)
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    I found that you have to push the sound through more - and the way you hold the bell can aid in the projection. I would ask your tutor to advise on whether you need to do more stamina excercises. I had to play for at least 3 hours a day in order to maintain the stamina to play the horn concertos by mozart. :wink:
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    i'm not entirely sure how you do it, but the way I look at it is thinking of a fat sound at all times and volumes. and making sure your throat isn't restricting any air.
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    To my mind projection has always been the difference between balancing and blending the sound you produce as in ensemble playing, and the full, prominent sound necessary for leading with the melody and in solo performance. It is the increase in prominence needed in such a situation, rather than an increase in volume. When needed I have always thought of it as an increase in airflow and breadth of sound, which may not be the correct physical analogy more a change in attitude from ensemble to prominence. Having re-read that I'm not sure it will help answer your question, but it's my understanding of projection. If you listen to a good principal cornet player, they will lead the band and be heard whilst still observing the marked musical volume. Does anyone else know what I mean?
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    i 'waz' it ...
    (its a technical term)
  10. Highams

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    Two perfect cases I think are (were) Derek Garside & at the other end of the octave, John Fletcher.

    Garside was like a lead Violinist, always just at the right volume. Fletcher stood out in a group, even with some of the finest brass players around him.
  11. :O EEEK!
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    Concentrate more on your initial air intake and turn the breath around immediately into exhalation.

    Also, if your playing at exact pitch centre [most people play high on the pitch (tension)] then you get the maximum RESONANCE out of your instrument for the least amount of effort.

    Beware that in the upper register you need less MASS of air and more velocity - AIR SPEED [think of blowing out candles] this will enable less fighting the resistance of the INST/mpc and will hopefully increase the vibrancy, clarity of tone, at all dynamic levels.

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    Off the subject im afraid!!

    Mr L. Never ever thought id see you talking on a BRASS BAND web page. Long time no hear or see. Hope you and the family are well. Ive been working on the James Bond tounging but still cant seem to grasp it!!!!!!!

    get in touch if you like.

    :D :D :D

    As for frence horn projection, im afraid i know nothing about it, but an instrument that faces the wrong way and needs you to stick your hand up the bell to hold surley doesnt want to be projected!!! He he he. Sorry. You could always put your back to the conductor, im sure that would do the trick!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :D 8)
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    The best way to "project" is to buy a Schilke "Custom" Soprano cornet, fitted with a Berylium Alloy bell, use a fairly shallow mouthpiece with a tight backbore (a Schilke 14A4X is ideal) and blow very hard. With the correct approach it is possible to strip paint at 75 yards, allegedly.

    Of course, such a sound quality is not ideally suited to most styles of brass band playing, nor does the above observation have anything to do with horn playing, but, what the hell.........


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    Ive been working on the James Bond tounging but still cant seem to grasp it!!!!!!!

    AHHAHAH!!! --JP old mate --how are ya? ..I'll be in touch...

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