Programme items for lower section bands.

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  1. This time of year I tend to completely overhaul the music pads so me, the band and the audiences don't get bored by the same old stuff being trotted out year after year. I am always looking for new ideas for pieces to play, but with limited financial resources I cannot just buy everything and hope to find a stunner!

    Can you suggest stuff published in the past 2 years or so which would be playable by 3rd section bands and below?
    Can you also say whether it is a solo item, hymn tune, opener, closer, encore etc?

    Ideally there would also be a Youtube link too...

    I bet there is loads....
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    Please check out the music at
    www.pdfbrass,com this is (nearly) all playable by third and fourth section bands and also works well with reduced numbers (10 piece etc.).
    I am always happy to advise on suitability and to send samples wherever possible.
    The music is not expensive to buy as you print it yourself and you can also print off a spare set in case of damage/lost parts.

    You might also like to check out Matt Kingston's music at some good, interesting music available there.

    I also renew my band's pads every year - a "fresh" selection of about 35 pieces to take us through the Summer. not always new publications but always music that we haven't used for at least 3 years.
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    You might want to take a look at Chorale and Rockout, Indian Summer, Floral Dance, and Eric Osterling Marches. All still sound fresh and audiences love them.
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    All great choices, but if you are looking to wow the audiences at parks and other high profile venues why not go for something like the theme from frozen ?
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    Never heard of it.
  6. Some good suggestions for some really old and well utilised music, but what I am really looking for is testimonials for pieces that bands have played recently. A sales pitch and links to websites I have already utilised doesn't really help. As a band we have all chairs covered and number 39 players, so items which work with empty chairs are not important in this instance.
    So what new(ish) arrangements are there to wow our audiences?
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    This year we played the theme from Game of Thrones which has been arranged for a full brass band. It has gone down really well this year for us. We are a non contesting band and I would say it is a fairly easy piece.

    Not the greatest recording to be honest but gives you an idea I hope.
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    Sorry - only trying to help. New arrangements becoming available on a regular basis both from Matt and myself.

    Also don't neglect older music, audiences still appreciate it.
  9. Thanks Phil, let's have more answers like this!
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  11. The older stuff is sorted already from the c3000 items already in the Library. I do agree, filling a programme with all new stuff could alienate the audiences we get. Keep up your great work Mr N, we need more with the talent!
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    Another piece we played this year which I like a lot is Stal Himmel (Steel Skies) arranged by Alan Fernie. Again, an easy piece but the audience liked it a lot. Our Autumn Concert was in church and it sounded great.

    You may have already played this one but although not new to brass it was new to us this year.


    I will try and flick through to see some of the less popular ones however some like Floral Dance, Highland Cathedral and Eb Solo or Bass trombone One foot in the Grave are always enjoyable for us and the audience.
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    Born Free is always a favourite and Pirates of the Caribbean never gets boring.
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    Why thank you kindly :oops:
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