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    Extract from 4BR – Postcard from Yeovil

    Why they always have to hold it on an international rugby weekend?

    It may seem like a small point, but for those lovers of the oval ball game it becomes perhaps the only contest of the year when certain bands are actively wishing for their representative to pick an early draw number out of the hat. Take for instance the lads and lasses from the Cwmaman Institute Band from South Wales, who were drawn number 11 last Saturday. With the kick off to the Wales/England Six Nations International just minutes away, they had to sum up all their powers of concentration to go on stage and perform, just as Shane Williams was scorching around the static English defence and scoring the game winning try in the corner of the Millennium Stadium.
    Thankfully for them they produced a fine performance to come third, but come results time there was not a single player in the hall to witness their sole representative pick up the 'Best Soloist' award and the cheque for £700 for coming third overall. Choices had to be made, and when it came to one between a gallon full of celebratory beer or a squeeze into the back of the hall hoping to see if you have come in the prizes, it was no contest for proud Welshmen and women was it?
    The same applies to MDs also. On this occasion a superb bit of trumpet work by Cwmaman's MD, Jonathan Corry was quickly forgotten as soon as he donned the comedy sombrero and what appeared to be one of the female members of the band's purple poncho. It made him look suspiciously like Julian Clary on a particularly bad day.

    As an avid reader of 4BR I have become to think that 4BR is an organisation run by amateurs and will probably end up becoming the controlling mafia in the world of brass bands. In their efforts to get readers to log onto their website they try to make reports funny, controversial (in the voice of John Tickle BB4 – even I’m at it now) and sometimes untrue.
    We finished playing at 16:15 in Yeovil a clear 1:15 before the game started, yet according to their report Shane Williams was scoring, Does 4BR think that there’s a different time zone in England??
    Finally, we spent five consecutive nights in band for the contest and with the hard work done, spending a little time at the pub watching our national team play is a personal decision and a right one.
    Some events will not let you enter the auditorium at the end of the contest if you haven’t a ticket – British Open is one of them.

    Other bands may also wish to look at Postcard from Yeovil as it's not good reading.

    Is criticism the way to go and does this make 4BR a professional or purely an amateur organisation? Your thoughts please ??
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    I think 4br are halfway between amateur and professional at the moment. It's difficult to keep so much reporting 100% accurate, and occasionally their factual/spelling/grammatical errors DO grate, but look at the back of a national broadsheet and you'll see a whole column of corrections and apologies normally, from a multi-million pound organisation.

    Viewing them as a 'wannabe' pro website, the most annoying thing about the Yeovil report was the number of times the author felt the need to point out the comments were just 'his opinion' and that the adjudicator's comments were the only ones that mattered. This insults our intelligence - obviously it's only his opinion, he is entitled to it and we're reading it to find out what his opinion was. I suppose that's just indicative of the fact that if he didn't there'd be a barrage of abuse from bandsman and women that feel hard done by the comments.

    I think that 4br is doing a pretty good job, and the breadth and promptness of their reporting is certainly improving.
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    It is extremely difficult, even for full-time professional news organizations, to be accurate all of the time. My understanding is that 4BR started as a part-time exercise, with full-time staff only recently coming on.

    Anyone who has ever attempted to do anything remotely similar will understand just how much time must go into just getting the site to work correctly and developing content, not to mention editing, coding, posting, monitoring, etc.

    Not to mention that anyone who is publishing on the Web is open to all sorts of lawsuits and other complications at any time.

    4BR is a fine site within its limitations. I'd like to see some stronger editing and perhaps some standards applied to the posted "news" articles, which seem sometimes to be posted verbatim from submitted material without any attempt at editing at all.

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