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    I've just taken out a new contents policy on our house and noticed that they covered personal possesions outside the home and named things you might want to cover, golf clubs, jewellry etc. right at the end it says musical instruments (which need to be specified). Great I can get my baritone covered or so I thought. I contacted the company with the details of my instrument and was told because I play in a brass band I am a professional and need business insurance. I argued the point, told them I am not professional I've never been paid in my life for playing, pointed out that it was a hobby that I followed 2 nights a week plus some weekends. Everything was done in my spare time.Also pointed out the brass band movement is an amateur movement. I even pointed out it's no different to someone who sings in an amateur stage society or someone who plays bowls for the local park team but all to no avail. As far as my insurance company are concerned I am professional and they will not cover my baritone through house insurance. Has anyone else had any similar probs and if so how did you overcome them. I know I can insure seperately else where but I really begrudge paying the extra when my contents policy says musical instruments are covered as long as I notify the company of what I have.
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    waste of time putting musical instuments on your house insurance.
    Real expensive too. I put my Tuba on for 3 months to go to Canada and cost £250 or something!! 3 Months!!!
    I insure all of my stuff through a company called Musicians Insurance Service - 3 different types of cover - amateur to professional.
    Reall good, part of Norwich Union. I'll pm you later with the details as they're actually in the car as I'm about to renew.
    I insured all of my guitars etc to go on a UK tour last year (album release tour for the rock band I was in) - in all about £4000 worth of gear was covered for £120 annually.
    That included replacement 'like for like', the gear was covered if left overnight on the bus etc. Was covered if stolen or damaged even if left unattended at venue etc plus was covered for Europe.
    Have a search on google or something for it - thoug i WILL PM YOU WITH DETAILS LATER. Musicians Insurance Services, part of Norwich union. Think based in Derby or Matlock. Jamie
  3. jamieow

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    Musicians Insurance Services - Bryan James.
    PO Box 12122
    Cannongate House
    Firs Parade
    DE4 3RU

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    Hey Michelle

    You need to be very careful here. I appreciate you say that the insurance company say themselves that musical instruments are covered as long as you inform them of the detail, but it is obvious they are not clear about what they cover or not. Confusion and/or lack of clarity on the part of an insurance company themselves clearly spells danger.

    If your instruments are important to you, and we obviously assume that they are, you really should take out specific insurance for them. I appreciate also that you don't unnecessarily want to pay for additional insurance, but your insurance company's actions speak for themselves - and I imagine they will challenge any claim you make on this which means that, effectively, they are not covered.

    I should seek out specific instrument insurance where the policy clearly states what is covered and what is not covered. Much safer that way.

    You don't want to lose them do you?
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    My euph is covered as a specified "all risks" item on the household contents policy. I seem to remember its ~£20 / year which is proportional to the declared value of euph + case. We also have some "unspecified all risks" cover, but the instrument is >15% of the sum assured and hence has to be specified.

    Lloyds TSB insurance (noone else will cover us because the house had a subsidence claim in the 1990s and they paid £££ to remedy it!)


    GINSTER New Member

    Hi all,

    We run our own Insurance Brokers and can advise that it is quite straight forward and relatively inexpensive to add musical instruments to certain household policies.

    For example:
    Adding a £2000 Tenor Horn to your policy would cost £10.06
    Adding a £5000 Eflat Bass to your policy would cost £50.25

    Insruments would be covered anywhere in the UK and Europe all year round and anywhere else in the world for up to 60 days in any period of insurance.

    These illustrations are based on one particular insurer and our local postcode.

    We can provide personalised quotes for the above and also have access to competitive Brass Band Insurance Packages for any band wishing to review their existing cover.

    Please call either Darren or Paul on 01298 816688 for any further information

    Insuranceman33 Market Street, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak, SK23 0HP
    Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority
  7. TheMusicMan

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    Hey Darren / Paul

    That's great news. Please feel free to post a new thread on tMP covering what Insurance services you can offer to members on here.

    Great service.
  8. sevenhelz

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    Aw, I paid £86 for my euph insurance, and I'm only covered outside the UK for up to thirty days.
    Endsleigh suck, a bit.

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